Price matching

Why do retailers make these offers and how easy are they to use? With retail writer Martin Craig and Jonah Lehrer.

Tech news: Facebook and Windows 7

Bill Thompson with more technology news. Facebook announces yet more changes to its privacy settings and Windows 7 updates are causing some headaches.

Face whitening creams

Skin whitening creams targeted at the metrosexual male are causing a big debate in India. NPR's Philip Reeves reports.

Nuts: pistachios

Alison Sandle on the half-open nut with a scientific theory named after it.

iPlot 12: Gardening Phone In

Our executive agrarian adviser Colin Walker fields some of your gardening related queries.

Craft fair

Sonia Yee visits a big craft fair plus why is craft so in at the moment? Is it economics, recycling culture or just a bit of creative fun?