Food waste

First up- how much of the food you buy ends up in the bin and who's to blame? We speak to Tristram Stuart and the big supermarket chains.

Sting pain index

Justin Schmidt's an entomologist who's spent years developing his pain rating scale for insect stings. He's been stung thousands of times all in the name of research!

iPlot 10: Compost Progress

Colin Walker drops in to our urban veggie patch to see how the compost heap's getting on.

Public urination

The Parisian authorities are getting serious about people urinating in public. They're using everything from splash-back wall coverings to undercover police surveillance. Susana Ferreira's been out on the 'pipi patrol'.

Second skin

Rahul Ganguli of Teledyne Scientific's on a team of US scientists developing a clever way to stop barnacles and all sorts of other marine life building up on ships' hulls. It could save boat-owners a fortune in fuel costs and maintenance bills!