Bread matters

Andrew Whitley is a baker and one of the founders of the Real Bread Campaign in the UK. He reckons modern bread is less nutritious, and is causing health problems like Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance.

Cellphone cancer risk?

Peter Griffin on the long-awaited World Health Organisation's Interphone study which explores the link between cellphone use and cancer. The full report's not even out yet and already people are questioning the way the research has been conducted.

iPlot 9: Potato Planting

We’re planting spuds, and Colin’s got a swag of varieties for me to plant in the iPlot. Using the bio-intensive style we’ll get nearly 30 plants in a four-metre long bed, and with a bit of crafty potato ‘tickling’ we’ll be eating new potatoes in a few months. Colin has a natural way to prevent the Psyllid getting your crops plus we ask MAF what you can do as a home gardener.

Sourdough bread

We get flour and water and a bit of free range bacteria together with Maggie Forest. It's an easy way to start a sourdough and make your own tasty bread.

NYC outdoor smoking ban

Sarah di Gregorio lives in New York where smoking in city parks and on beaches could soon be banned. Also millions of car rego stickers are falling off windscreens due to faulty glue. It's become a political issue!