Glass markings

What do all those funny bumps, ridges and grooves at the bottom of glass jars and wine bottles mean? Glassmaker Mike Needham explains.

Online antiquities

How online auction sites have affected the global market for cultural artefacts and antiquities. With Charles Stanish the director of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology and Dr Huhana Smith, the Senior Curator Maori at te Papa.

Tech news: ereaders and Facebook

Bill Thompson on Sony's plan to link its eBook reader to public libraries in the US. Plus another row between Facebook's management and its user community.


According to Canadian documentary maker Christy Garland 85 percent of the world's doormats get made in Kerala in India.

Menu pricing

Sherri Kimes is behind a new study showing that the way prices get displayed on restaurant menus has a major impact on how much we spend.


The Swedish carmaker that first introduced the heated car seat, headrests and mass-produced turbo engines. Sam Knight's first car was a Saab.


Lena Grose lives in a small German village where residents control the street lighting with their mobile phones.