Frog legs festival

Jon Henley's just got back from France's largest frog festival run by the Vittel Brotherhood of Frog Thigh Tasters.

Cashew nuts

Alison Sandle on the very more-ish cashew nut. It's got its own self defense system and these days most of them come from Vietnam.

GPS traffic updates

Geosmart's a new real time traffic alert system for in-car GPS. Not only does it help you get from A to B, this device works out your best route based on traffic flows and other hold ups. With Peter Griffin and Luigi Cappel.

Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf's acknowledged as one of the fathers of the internet after inventing a way to send information over a network of computers more than 30 years ago.

Hot waitress index

Hugo Lindgren's been looking at a few of the more weird and wonderful economic indicators out there... stuff like underpant sales and the attractiveness of the people waiting tables in restaurants and cafes.

German car alarms

Guido Huppertz is working on turning Germany's cars into an early warning system in case of emergency or natural disaster.