History of beards

Allan Peterkin is author of 'One Thousand Beards - a Cultural History of Facial Hair'.

Laser hair removal

Save on shaving by having your facial hair removed by laser. Donna from Beaute of Kelburn aims and fires.

Netbook shopping

Shopping for mini-laptops with technology expert Peter Griffin.

Edible Wellington map

Lisa Johnson of 42 Collective describes her user-driven map of edible free food on the streets of Wellington.

Salad study

A study has discovered oil and fat in salad dressings help the human body to absorb anti-oxidants. Wendy White is associate professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University and conducted the study.

Last Will and Testament

From online do-it-yourself wills to using the public trust or a lawyer, there are quite a few choices for us consumers - so which one should you go for? Richard Allen of law firm Tripe, Matthews and Feist explains the options.


Ballhawking is the practice of spectators catching balls at American baseball games with the possibility of selling them on afterwards. Ballhawk Nick Bohannon explains.