Human powered home

Rustling up a three course meal with a pedal-powered blender. Plus Tamara Dean, the author of the Human Powered Home.

Tour de France 2009: sponsorship

Ned Boulting's looking at some of the more unusual sponsors bankrolling the 96th Tour.


Did fingerprints develop as unique identifiers or just to help us grip? Roland Ennos of Manchester University studies them.


Alison Sandle says 75 percent of world hazelnut production comes from Turkey. But it was the Italians who turned them into a paste that's spread all over the world.

Tech news

Bill Thompson with news of more disruption in the publishing world...web sites that store and share documents and books online. Sort of like You Tube for the printed word!

What cost fast internet?

Jerry Watkins is asking if we really need to spend billions on building high-speed fibre optic networks when more people are using mobiles and wireless devices to access the web?

India: ID cards and cheap cars

Ambitious plans to introduce biometric ID card to India's 1.2 billion population. Also the first proud owner of the world's cheapest car- the Tata Nano- has just got his keys. Tinku Ray reports.