Pie history

Australian pie historian Janet Clarkson on how the pie's gone from being an early oven dish, to a means of food preservation, to a favourite fast food. Plus how a Cambodian baker perfected his pie pastry.

Password masking

Jakob Nielsen on the pointlessness of password masking. When you input your computer password why do we see round circles or asterisks instead of the letters or numbers you're typing?

Uncontacted Amazon tribes

The existence of uncontacted tribespeople is one of the major barriers to oil and gas exploration in the Amazon. Rory Carroll's been finding out if they exist or if they're just a myth perpetuated by the environmental lobby.

Foraging: sorrel

We're on the hunt for free food - this time wood sorrel - with our friendly forager Johanna Knox. You'll have walked past it hundreds of times, but this leaf is seriously delicious!

Tour de France 2009: rest days and radio bans

Ned Boulting on the route of the 96th Tour de France. This week, what do the riders do on their rest days, what do they eat, and how does radio communication get used in the race?