Product lives

Hamish Wilson of's been researching how long stuff like TVs, washing machines and cell phones should last for. Plus Bill Bevan on the laws that protect you even after your warranty expires.

Diamond city

Antwerp, in Belgium, is the world capital of the diamond trade, turning over US$42 billion a year. Ian Traynor on how tougher economic times are hitting diamond sales and the city.

Tour de France 2009: route master

Ned Boulting joins us to explain how the Tour de France's route gets chosen. And money makes the Tour go round!

Gadget teardowns

Would you fly half way round the world, queue up for 24 hours, pay full price for the latest gadget then unwrap it and smash it open while filming yourself? Luke Soules of iFixit does!

Eco washing machine

Bill Westwater of Xeros is developing a prototype washing machine that only uses a tiny fraction of the water and power needed for a traditional model.

Tech news: Google Chrome OS

Bill Thompson beams in and Google's launching its very own operating system at around the same time as Microsoft's Windows 7 and Apple's Snow Leopard come out later this year.