Tour de France 2009: preview

Ned Boulting joins us from the start line in Monaco to talk drug testing and the Lance Armstrong effect.

Competitive eating

The 4th of July is one of the most important dates in the calendar if you're a patriotic American, or a competitive eater. Writer Jason Fagone tells us why.

Hot dog history

Hot dog historian Bruce Kraig charts the street food's migration from Europe to the US. Nowadays Americans chomp through about 20 billion hot dogs a year!

Nuts: Brazil nut

More Brazil nuts get exported from Bolivia than from Brazil. Alison Sandle on the nut that's sparked a bit of diplomatic tension over the years.

Internet addresses

ICANN is the international not-for-profit organisation that looks after the way web addresses work. We talk to its outgoing CEO and President Paul Twomey about the challenges ahead.

Satay sauce

We're making peanut sauce Malaysian style with Rao Ramasamy.