Cured: Bacon and Ham

We gauge water and meat contents with Belinda Allan of Plus we make bacon the old fashioned way with Bill the butcher.

Tech news: Smart power meters

Bill Thompson on the next generation of power meters that can talk to the power companies as well as telling consumers how they're using energy. But just how smart will they be?

Japanese masculinity crisis

The new breed of Japanese man called"grass eaters". Plus South Korea's trying to build the perfect modern city in Songdo. David McNeill's been there.

Egg test: Caged or free range?

Dr Karyne Rogers has developed a scientific test to tell the difference between free range, organic and caged eggs. How the test works and what it means for shoppers.

Sahara solar power

A consortium of 20 German companies is pushing an $870 billion plan to use solar power from the Sahara Desert in North Africa to power Europe.