Inside the ATM

Experts Mark Prestwood and Phil Chant on the automated teller machine or ATM. How do they work and how have they changed since 1967?

Bank cards: chip and pin

"Chip and pin"technology was meant to be appearing on all our bank and credit cards by early 2008. So why are most of us still waiting?

Periodic tables

Dr Fiona Barclay makes high-end periodic tables containing samples of the chemical elements. Where does she get her plutonium from?

Foraging: chickweed

Foraging queen Johanna Knox hunts for chickweed. You can make a pretty mean pesto out of it!

Spanish drivers and shark-meat

Neil Stokes on the motorists earning merit points for good driving. Plus Spanish diners are eating shark without even knowing it.

Buyer's guide to pressure cookers

The trusty old pressure cooker's enjoying a bit of a comeback. Libby Manley of looks at the latest offerings.