Dumpster diving: swimming in skips

In New York they're turning rubbish skips into swimming pools to beat the summer heat. Our correspondent Jon Kalish heads along for a dip.

Chris Anderson: Free

Chris Anderson coined the term "the long tail" in a book a few years back. His new book "Free: the future of a radical price" is about how much we get for nothing in the digital age.

Free internet in Taranaki?

Stratford in Taranaki is hoping to be the first New Zealand town to offer discounted internet access to rate-payers.

Fancy Fast Food

Erik Trinidad's transforming fast food into haute cuisine on his website. As his website says,"Yeah it's still bad for you- but see how good it can look"!

Italy: gondoliers and drinking laws

The male-dominated world of the gondolier's got its first ever woman gondoliera. Plus the country's traditionally relaxed alcohol laws are getting tightened up. Sophie Iacopini reports.

Fresh: A Perishable History

Susanne Freidberg's written a book about how consumer conceptions of freshness have changed over the years.

Expired Food

Andy Vermeulen is selling food after its best before date.