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Nick Bollinger reviews a new set of darkly inventive songs from Auckland musician Richard Setford under his guise of Bannerman; the neo-psychedelia of Seattle-based Rose Windows; and the general cosmic kookiness of San Francisco’s Sonny & the Sunsets.

Artist: Bannerman
Songs: Echoes, Making A Still, Nothing Is Forgiven, Why Live In The City?, Another Light, There Is A Lesson, Andromeda
Composer: Setford
Album: Clawhammer
Label: Independent

Artist: Rose Windows
Songs: Heavenly Days, Native Dreams, Wartime Lovers
Composer: Cheveyo
Songs: Walking With A Woman, The Sun Dogs II: Coda
Composer: Qazi/Cheveyo
Album: The Sun Dogs
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Sonny & the Sunsets
Songs: Dark Corners, Palmreader, Path Of Orbit, Void, Green Blood, Mutilator, Earth Girl
Composer: Smith
Album: Antenna To The Afterworld
Label: Polyvinyl