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Nick Bollinger reviews the sonically sparkling debut of Auckland duo The Map Room; the unreconstructed punk rock of Canterbury trio Transistors; and reissues from 80s Flying Nun flag-bearers The Clean and Bird Nest Roys.

Artist: The Map Room
Songs: Memory, Pilot, Stick Around, There's A Fire, Visitors, City
Composer: The Map Room
Album: The Map Room
Label: Areoplane

Artist: Transistors
Songs: Nervous Heart, Your Life Could Be So Easy, Ex-Communicator, Method Actor, Dirty Diver
Composer: Transistors
Album: Is This Anything?
Label: Arch Hill

Artist: Bird Nest Roys
Songs: Who Is The Silliest Rossi?, Five Weetbix and Toast, Severed Days, Joringel
Composer: Bird Nest Roys
Song: Bus Stop
Composer: Gouldman/Graham/Keith
Album: Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Clean
Songs: Point That Thing Somewhere Else
Composer: Kilgour/Kilgour/Guteridge
Songs: Fish, Anything Could Happen
Composer: Kilgour/Kilgour/Scott
Album: In-A-Live Situation
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Clean
Songs: Drawing To A Whole, Diamond Shine, I Wait Around, The Blue
Composer: Kilgour/Kilgour/Scott
Album: Vehicle
Label: Flying Nun