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Nick Bollinger reviews the latest album from influential Scottish electronic duo Boards Of Canada, the debut of female glam-trash-blues rockers Deap Vally, and a couple of local bands with a musical link to the Dunedin sound of the '80s.

Artist: Boards Of Canada
Songs: Gemini, White Cyclosa, New Seeds, Sick Times, Come To Dust, Split Your Infinities
Composer: Sanderson/Eion
Album: Tomorrow's Harvest
Label: Warp

Artist: The Clean
Song: Point That Thing Somewhere Else
Composer: Kilgour-Scott-Kilgour
Album: Boodle Boodle Boodle
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Ghost Wave
Songs: Horsemouth, Mountain, Country Rider, Here She Comes, I Don't Mind
Composer: Ghost Wave
Album: Ages
Label: Arch Hill

Artist: The Prophet Hens
Songs: High Times, All Over The World, Left It Out To Shine
Composer: Bray
Album: Popular People Do Popular People
Label: Fishrider

Artist: Deap Vally
Songs: Your Love, Woman Of Intention, Walk Of Shame, Baby I Call Hell, Gonna Make My Own Money, Creeplife, End Of The World, Lies
Composer: Deap Vally
Album: Sistrionix
Label: Island