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Nick Bollinger discusses the solitary sounds of Dear Time’s Waste; a set of reggae funk from Iva Lamkum; and the Pacifican fusion of Seva Hi-Fi.

Music details

Scrappy DiskArtist: Dear Time's Waste
Songs: Strings, Hands, Six Feet Down, Head To Toe, Heavy/High, Body Back
Composer: Duncan
Album: Some Kind Of Eden
Label: Scrappy Disk

Iva LamkumArtist: Iva Lamkum
Songs: Bankrupt Visa, Blue Moscow, No, Raise Your Glass, Black Eagle, Why Do We Fall In Love, Dollar Paper
Composer: Lamkum/Robinson
Album: Black Eagle
Label: Sony

Seva Hi FiArtist: Seva Hi-Fi
Songs: The Sound Of Music, Till I Make You Move
Composer: Suamili/Farry
Songs: Starting Up, Kafisi Niue
Composer: Suamili/Farry/Voasi
Song: Pressures Of Life
Composer: Suamili/Farry/Aesili/Valamaka/Te Hei
Song: Prodigal Son
Composer: Suamili/Farry/Matisi/Vosasi
Album: Early
Label: Sugarlicks