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Nick Bollinger considers whether Van Morrison is a visionary or a curmudgeon; reviews the second album from wheelchair-rocking Congolese band Staff Benda Bilili, and the latest from Cambridge’s loudest, The Datsuns.

Music details

Bouger Le MondeArtist: Staff Benda Bilili
Songs: Bilanga, Kuluna/Gangs, Sopeka, Djambula, Souci, Libala Ya Mungwa
Composer: Staff Benda Bilili
Album: Bouger Le Monde!
Label: Crammed Discs

Astral WeeksArtist: Van Morrison
Song: Astral Weeks
Composer: Van Morrison
Album: Astral Weeks
Label: Warner

Born To SingArtist: Van Morrison
Songs: Open The Door (To Your Heart), Born To Sing, Going Down To Monte Carlo, End Of The Rainbow, Educating Archie, If In Money We Trust, Pagan Heart, Close Enough For Jazz
Composer: Morrison
Album: Born To Sing: No Plan B
Label: Exile

The DatsunsArtist: The Datsuns
Songs: Gold Halo, Bullseye, Gods Are Bored, Wander The Night
Composer: The Datsuns
Album: Death Rattle Boogie
Label: Hellsquad