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Troy Ferguson reviews a recently discovered recording from 1966 of the late great Karen Dalton, recorded in a cabin in the wilds. Also, we check out Time To Go, a collection of early Flying Nun records that compiler Bruce Russell calls “the Southern Psychedelic Moment” of the early 1980s; and current folk psychedelia represented by the mathematically-skewed Mike Wexler.
Music details:

Artist: Karen Dalton
Song: While You're On Your Way
Composer: Tim Hardin
Song: Shiloh Town
Composer: Tim Hardin
Song: 2:19 Train
Composer: Mamie Desdume/J. Morton
Song: Reason To Believe
Composer:   Tim Hardin
Song: Katie Cruel
Composer: Tradition arr. by Karen Dalton
Song: Cotton Eyed Joe
Composer: Traditional arr by Karen Dalton
Album: 1966
Label: Delmore Recordings

Artist: Mike Wexler
Songs: Spectrum; Prime; Pariah; Lens
Composer: Mike Wexler
Album: Dispossession
Label: Mexican Summer

Artist: Look Blue Go Purple
Songs: As Does The Sun
Composer: Look Blue Go Purple
Artist: The Clean
Songs: In The Back
Composer: The Clean
Artist: The Builders
Songs: Russian Rug
Composer: The Builders
Artist: The Rip
Songs: Wrecked Wee Hymn
Composer: The Rip
Artist: The Pin Group
Songs: Jim
Composer: The Pin Group
 Album: Time To Go: The Southern Psychedelic Moment 1981 - 86
Label: Flying Nun