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Troy Ferguson reviews a double live album from Toy Love, where the most enthused-about New Zealand band of the punk years is caught in action at the equally-legendary Gluepot. We examine the new album by Paul Weller, on which the former frontman of The Jam expands his musical horizons into some very odd regions and demonstrates that old Mods can remain very modern indeed; and hear Scottish reprobates Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat extol the virtues of the power of love…

Music details:

Artist: Toy Love
Song: Sheep
Composer: Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker
Song: Squeeze
Composer: Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker
Song: Pull Down The Shades
Composer:   Bathgate/Dawson/Dooley/Knox
Song: Don't Ask Me
Composer: Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker
Song: Toy Love Song
Composer: Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker
Song: Photographs Of Naked ladies
Composer: Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker

Album: Live At The Gluepot
Label: Real Groovy Records

Artist: Paul Weller
Song: Sleep Of The Serene
Composer: Weller/Ibrahim/Rees
Songs: Green; Study In Blue; That Dangerous Age; Kling I Klang!;
Composer: Weller/Dine
Song: Dragonfly
Composer: P.Weller/J.Weller/Dine
Album: Sonik Kicks
Label: Island

Artist: Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat
Songs: Tasogare; If You Keep Me In Your Heart; The Greatest Story Ever Told;
Composer: Bill;Wells/Aidan Moffat
Album: Everything's Getting Older
Label: Chemikal Underground
Song: The Powers and Glory of Love
Composer: Peter Gill/Holly Johnson/Mark O'Toole/Gunther Wendl/Candy DeRouge /Jennifer Rush/Mary Susan Applegate/Huey Lewis/Chris Hayes/Johnny Colla/Peter Cetera/David Foster/Diane Nini
Album: The Powers and Glory of Love
Label: Chemikal Underground