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In The Sampler this week Nick Bollinger reviews new albums by modern string band the Carolina Chocolate Drops and contemporary blues-woman Ruthie Foster, and talks to soon-to-tour blues singer Big Daddy Wilson about how an African-American from North Carolina came to hear the blues for the first time – in Germany.

Music details

Artist: Carolina Chocolate Drops
Songs: West End Blues
Composer: Baker/Giddens
Song: Brigg’s Corn Shucking Jig
Composer: Trad. Arr. Giddens
Song: Po’ Black Sheep
Composer: Trad. Arr. Flemons
Song: Boodle-De Bum Bum
Composer: Trad/Curry Arr. Flemons
Song: Run Mountain
Composer: Mainer
Song: Ruby Are You Mad at Your Man?
Composer: Cousin Emmy
Song: Mahalia
Composer: Coetzee, Arr. Flemons
Song: Riro’s House
Composer: Trad. Arr. Flemons/Giddens
Album: Leaving Eden
Label: Nonesuch

Artist: Big Daddy Wilson
Songs: Love Is The Key, Hard Day’s Work, Country Boy, Jazzy Rose
Composer: Blount
Album: Love Is The Key
Label: Ruf

Artist: Big Daddy Wilson
Songs: Cold Is The Wind, Four Daughters, Drop Down Here
Composer: Blount
Album: Thumb A Ride
Label: Ruf

Artist: Ruthie Foster
Song: Aim For The Heart
Composer: Foster/Tiven/Tiven
Song: Everlasting Light
Composer: Auerbach/Carney
Song: Lord Remember Me, Welcome Home
Composer: Foster
Song: The Titanic
Composer: Trad. Arr. Foster/Chelew
Song: Long Time Gone
Composer: Crosby
Song: You Don’t Miss Your Water
Composer: Bell
Album: Let It Burn