Music played in this show

Artist: Wet Wings
Song: Willow Peak (The Weekend's Theme)
Composer: Wet Wings
Album: Willow Peak
Label: Lil' Chief
Played at: 08:10, 09:06, 10:06, 11:06

Artist: The Blind Boys Of Alabama
Track: Run On For A Long Time
Composer: Trad.
Album: Spirit of the Century
Label: Real World 850918
Played at: 08:46

Artist: Ross McHenry
Track: Clean Break (For Ornette)
Composer: Ross McHenry
Album: Child of Somebody
Label: First Word Records
Played at: 09:40

Artist: Myele Manzanza
Track: City Of Atlantis
Composer: Myele Manzanza
Album: OnePointOne (Live at The Blue Whale)
Label: First Word Records
Played at: 09:41

Artist: John Coltrane
Track: Pursuance
Composer: John Coltrane
Album: A Love Supreme
Label: Impulse 182802
Played at: 09:45

Artist: Robert Glasper
Track: G&B
Composer: Robert Glasper
Album: In My Element
Label: Blue Note 3781112
Played at: 09:50

Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Track: Red Clay
Composer: Hubbard
Album: Red Clay
Label: Epic 505172
Played at: 09:55

Artist: Mark de Clive-Lowe ft. Bémbé Ségué
Track: Heaven Part II
Composer: M. de Clive-Lowe ft. Bémbé Ségué
Album: Tide's Rising
Label: Antipodean 153225
Played at: 09:59

Artist: Paul Simon
Track: Street Angel
Composer: Paul Simon
Album: Stranger To Stranger
Label: Universal 723980
Played at: 10:40

Artist: Elton John Vs Pnau
Track: Phoenix
Composer: Leroy Bell, Thom Bell, Casey James, Joseph Jefferson, Elton John, Nick Littlemore, Peter Mayes, Bernie Taupin
Album: Good Morning to the Night
Label: Mercury 370361
Played at:11:25

Artist: Daisy van Wel
Track:  I Wonder (RNZ National Session)
Composer: Daisy van Wel
Played at: 11:50

Artist: Daisy van Wel
Track: Behind (RNZ National Session)
Composer: Daisy van Wel
Played at: 11:56