8 Jan 2017

BookTube and the industry of YouTube authors

From The Weekend , 9:30 am on 8 January 2017

You're meandering through a book shop, idling along when ... a multitude of bright hues catch your unfocused eyes!

These bursts of colour are on the covers of books that feature large photos of unrecognisable, but smiling, people with good skin.

On closer inspection this section seems to be all books about or by YouTube personalities. What are these curios?

If you go on to YouTube itself, there are many channels devoted to books. Those that make videos documenting their love of letters are part of the BookTube community; a bunch of people who want to share their enjoyment of the written word.

To discuss YouTube and literature, The Weekend spoke to blogger and vlogger for Australian website Happy Indulgence - Jeann Wong, along with Emma Bryson from Booksellers New Zealand who has written about books by YouTubers.

Jeann Wong's recommended BookTubers: Little Book Owl, Piera Forde, and ReadLikeWildfire.