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The Weekend with Emile Donovan for Saturday 2 January 2016

Musician Mimi Gilbert busking

Musician Mimi Gilbert busking Photo: Supplied

08:12 Future homes: monitoring you and projecting false realities

Picture this: it's 2025 and one of the most important rooms in your home is the virtual reality den. There you can feel like you're the All Black kicking the winning penalty try or Black Fern getting the winning goal, or sense the snow against your face on a ski field, or that you're fighting aliens on another planet, all without leaving the couch. Meanwhile monitoring systems will do everything from checking your health, to keeping your power and fuel bills as low as possible.

The Future Laboratory in the UK is a futures consultancy, and Steve Tooze works there on a project monitoring technology to predict how homes will look a decade ahead.

08:35 The Secrets of RNZ: Audio Oddities (Part 2)

Radio going weird or wrong. Some bloopers, some not; all of them Audio Oddities. Although most of our on-air talent would rather forget the worst of them, behind the scenes studio operators and producers save these dreaded moments.

Daniel Hutchinson

Daniel Hutchinson Photo: Supplied

08:42 New Years Honours: Girl Guides

She started out as Brownie and went right to the top, chairing Girl Guides’ international board and promoting the movement throughout the world. That lifetime of dedication to the organisation has seen Aucklander Virginia Radford become a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours List.

08:48 Regional Snapshot: Central North Island

Daniel Hutchison is editor of the Rotorua Review, the Taupo Times, and the Ruapehu Press. He's got a snapshot of the big issues in his (rather large) region: from Rotorua's rising house prices to the rescue of a family of ducklings thanks to a tin of baked beans.


09:06 Gardening: heritage fruit trees

Robyn and David Guyton work on the Open Orchard Project, which involves documenting, grafting and growing heritage apples, pears and plums from around Southland.

09:20 Citizen Science: Naturewatch

Naturewatch is one of New Zealand’s first and remains the largest Citizen Science project. Curious people around the country take photographs of flora and fauna and upload it onto the site, where the information is shared. You don't have to have a degree to be part of Naturewatch, just a camera or smart phone and some time to spare.

Lynn Freeman went to a recent Naturewatch workshop and met two of the project’s key people, Colin Meurk and Jon Sullivan.

9:40 Musical Siblings – The Sami Sisters

The Sami Sisters are a prodigious musical trio. Anji has collaborated aplenty, as well as releasing an EP under her own name, and making up half of the band She's So Rad. Priya also has an EP out called Gem which she recorded under the name Trip Pony. Madeleine is an actress and screenwriter known for Supercity, The Jaquie Brown Diaries, Top of the Lake, Sione's Wedding, Seven Days, and her theatrical collaborations with Toa Fraser. Together as The Sami Sisters they released their first album, Happy Heartbreak in 2011, and are working to get another one out in 2016.

The Sami Sisters at RNZ Auckland

The Sami Sisters at RNZ Auckland Photo: RNZ

Dr Rinki Murphy

Dr Rinki Murphy Photo: Supplied

10:07 Who does medical trials?

Medical trials depend on people being prepared to try new drugs or to take part in experimental procedures which may not help them now, but might help others in the future.

There are many reason not to answer calls for help from researchers but without people willing to sign up for trials, better medication and other treatments with real potential to help out a raft of health issues can't get over a crucial hurdle.

Dr Rinki Murphy from the University of Auckland is a specialist in diabetics who often puts out requests for volunteers to help in her research projects.

Lynn Freeman also spoke to Rinki’s colleague Brendan, who is diabetic and signed up for a genetic test.

Current medical trials looking for volunteers

TYPE 2 DIABETES GENETICS:. Key eligibility criteria: Type 2 diabetes diagnosed below the age of 30 years, please contact Dr Ofa Dewes on 027 208 6109 or email:

COMPLEMENT: first in human study of metabolic neuromodulation therapy to improve type 2 diabetes. Key eligibility criteria: age 18-70 with HbA1c >58 and on metformin tablets. Please contact Jan Burd on 09 307 4949, ext 24365 or email:

SMS4BG: study to assess the effectiveness of text message support in improving self-management of diabetes. Key eligibility criteria: aged 16 or over with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and HbA1c >65, please contact Rosie Dobson on 021 767 437 or email:

HUMBA: to assess the effectiveness of probiotic and or specific dietary education on reducing gestational diabetes. Key eligibility criteria: overweight, less than 18 weeks pregnant, please call 027 HUMBA 0 or 027 4862200.

10:30 New Years Honours: Genealogy

Kathleen Hansen became curious about her own family history, that curiosity has lead to many years of detectrive work and, in the New Years Honours list, a Queens service medal. It's for services to historical research.

The Hansens were one of the first European families to live in New Zealand. She's been able to trace them right back and in turn has told stories about the family in 6 books.

NZOC secretary general Kereyn Smith

NZOC secretary general Kereyn Smith Photo: Supplied

10:45 Sport: NZ sports women

What are the barriers to the development and appreciation of women in sport? In 2015 the NZ Olympic Committee became the first national organisation to win the IOC's Women in Sport Award.

CEO of Northern Mystics Julie Paterson, Professor of Leadership at Massey University Sarah Leberman, and NZOC secretary general Kereyn Smith talk about what else can be done to get more girls up on the podium and to get women in sport taken more seriously?



11:06 Developing damaged buildings

Dunedin City Council Heritage Planner Glen Hazelton takes Lynn Freeman to meet developers who are both dedicated and crazy enough to take on severely dilapidated old warehouses - we're talking more holes than floorboards and trees growing inside all the cracks and broken windows - and restoring them.

11:20 Upholstery tips

Why toss out that sofa or chair when you can give it a whole new lease on life? Dave Buxton has practised upholstery for many years and is willing to share his process.

11:38 Te Papa: The joy of spiders

While most of us run from, scream at or squish spiders Te Papa's bug man Phil Sirvid just loves them. Phil spends his life working with and identifying spiders for the national museum.

11:50 Buskers – Mimi Gilbert

Busker Mimi Gilbert is a native of Ojai, California - a valley town in Ventura County known for its new age hippyish vibe. In recent years Mimi has spent much of her time in New Zealand; performing gigs in our streets, roads, and avenues - as well being allowed inside the occasional venue, and recording studio. Mimi's album Strangers Won't Exist is out soon.

Music played in this show

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Artist: Whitney Houston
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Artist: Natalie Cole with Nat King Cole
Song: Unforgettable
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
Song: Oh Boy
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Artist: Anji Sami
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Artist: Kanye West
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
Song: How Did We Fall Apart?
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
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Artist: She's So Rad
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
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Artist: She's So Rad
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
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Artist: Taylor Swift
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Artist: The Sami Sisters
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Artist: The Icypoles
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Artist: Mimi Gilbert
Song: Life of a Busker (RNZ Session)
Composer: Mimi Gilbert
Played at: 11:57