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The Weekend with Karyn Hay for Sunday 3 January 2016

08:10 Designing New Zealand

Design shapes our world, our environments, and our everyday. Where is design going, what's interesting and exciting about it, what's working, what's not?

For The Weekend's design panel Lynn Freeman is joined by Donna Maxwell the Performance Director at digital and user focused design studio DNA, interior architect Rufus Knight, Daniel Kamp from design studio Think and Shift, Tony Parker, the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor at Massey Wellington's College of Creative Arts, and University of Auckland student Tessa Forde who was Highly Commended in the recent New Zealand Institute of Architects Student Design Awards.

Tracey Hewitt from Community Law Marlborough

Tracey Hewitt from Community Law Marlborough Photo: Supplied

08:35 Employment law

2015 has been another tough year for many workers as employers keep looking for ways to save money in tough times. We wanted to find out about the most common employment problems workers are facing, and what their options are; with the help of Tracey Hewitt from Community Law Marlborough.



08:45 Regional Snapshot: Southland

Find out about the issues facing Southland with television producer and broadcaster Tom Conroy. It's an area that benefits from fertile agricultural land and some tourist meccas like Stewart Island and Milford Sound. But the isolation also comes with a price.

David Lomas

David Lomas Photo: Supplied

09:06 Media: David Lomas

When he was just 13 David Lomas started writing for a Wellington newspaper, his last quarter of a century's been spent in television. In between he worked for newspapers, RNZ and The Listener among others.

He was the first New Zealand journalist to gain access to the French nuclear testing sites on Mururoa Atoll and has many documentaries to his name including Wahine Disaster and The Real Mr Asia. David also produced current affairs programmes 60 Minutes, Sunday and was part of the original team on the Holmes programme.

He is now best known for fronting the high rating TV3 show Lost and Found, formerly called Missing Pieces, where he brings together family members who have, for any number of reasons, become estranged.

09:30 Citizen Science: Waitara Alive!

Taranaki's Waitara coastline is coming under intense scrutiny over the next few months, as the focus of a new Citizen Science project. It’s part of a government initiative called A Nation of Curious Minds. Back in 2001 Tom Hunt organised a survey of the coastline - the new results will be compared to his findings to establish how the coastline's changing. It's an important site for local iwi who're working closely with the project leaders. Schools, DoC, the local regional council and recreational groups are also getting involved. Lynn Freeman spoke to project leader Vicky Dombroski from Waitara Alive who says there's growing interest in conservation of the coastline.


Waitara Photo: Photoflo Photography

09:40 Musical Siblings - Koile

Koile is a pacific reggae band from Dunedin, although these days its members are spread all over the show. Koile reconvened recently for a gig in their hometown and Shaun D Wilson took the chance to speak to the two brothers in the band for The Weekend's Musical Siblings' segment. These days Nio Ikahihifo lives in Bunbury, Western Australia while his brother Teu has moved up to Auckland.

Teu and Nio Ikahihifo of Koile in the RNZ Otago studio.

Teu and Nio Ikahihifo of Koile in the RNZ Otago studio. Photo: RNZ/Ian Telfer

Dr Neil Pickering.

Dr Neil Pickering. Photo: Supplied

10:07 What is a disease?

When is a disease not really a disease? And how useful or stigmatising is it to categorise some types of behaviour as diseases? These are among the somewhat philosophical questions being asked by Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago's Bioethics Centre, Neil Pickering.

10:30 Jessica Weller: living with cancer

When she was just 27 Jessica Weller was diagnosed with cancer at the start of her OE. She survived that and is now determined to improve the way the health system tends to young people with cancer, especially young women. The non-profit Inspiring Stories has picked her for their Live The Dream accelerator programme so she can come up with ways to make this happen.

Jessica Weller

Jessica Weller Photo: Supplied

Violin player and busker Elisabeth Auchinvole in Wellington's Waitangi Park.

Violin player and busker Elisabeth Auchinvole in Wellington's Waitangi Park. Photo: Supplied

10:45 Buskers - Elisabeth Auchinvole

Violin player and busker Elisabeth Auchinvole is a Wellington based performer and event organiser.

11:06 The Western Isles

Lynn Freeman travels to the Outer Hebrides off the coast of mainland Scotland. Also known as the Western Isles, it's actually an island chain that includes the Isles of Skye, Mull, Benbecula, Barra, Lewis and Harris - among others. The Isles of Lewis and Harris are in fact the northern and southern end of the same island, but they are very different in geography, gaelic language and culture.

The rivalry is intense - Harris people even resent having to be born in Lewis because that's where the hospital is based. Tourism is crucial for both, as is fishing - though these days farmed salmon is way more important than sea faring fishermen.

11:35 Food: Scottish porridge

Chris Morrison from the Isle of Harris shares his grandmother's porridge recipe.

11:50 Refugee and migrant festival MiXit Ten

MiXit is a community programme that helps young refugees and migrants to Auckland to express themselves creatively and develop skills through performance and workshops.The founder of MiXit Wendy Preston and MiXit participant Hana Mender talk about celebrating MiXit's tenth anniversary with a weeklong mini-festival.

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