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The Weekend with Emile Donovan for Sunday 27 December 2015

Daniel Franklin

Daniel Franklin Photo: Supplied

08:12 The World in 2016

Last year on the Weekend, futurist Daniel Franklin from The Economist shared his predictions for 2015. Since 2003 he's edited The Economist's annual publication The World In... He was spot on with many of his calls, including New Zealand winning the Rugby World cup… though we'd like to think that was a dead cert. But we also talked about the rise of ISIS and terrorism more generally, and falling commodity prices on the world market.

08:30 Legal issues for refugees

With hundreds of Syrian Refugees set to arrive in New Zealand over the next few years, Nelson based solicitor Trevor Irwin looks at the labyrinth of legal issues facing people who've fled their home country.

Solicitor Trevor Irwin

Solicitor Trevor Irwin Photo: Solicitor Trevor Irwin

Radio Ngati Porou's Ken Eruera

Radio Ngati Porou's Ken Eruera Photo: Supplied

08:45 Regional Panel – Ruatoria

Ken Eruera is Radio Ngati Porou's current affairs and sports presenter. He brings us up to date with the big issues facing Ruatoria and the East Coast.


09:06 Media: Photographer Jane Ussher

Jane Ussher photographs New Zealand's newsmakers, personalities, politicians and quiet achievers - she also enjoys taking photos of buildings and coastlines. She's best known for her many years photographing people for The Listener; capturing their personalities in one image. Now Jane's a freelance photographer with a book out called Worship: A History of New Zealand Church Design.

09:30 Citizen Science: Marine Metre Squared

Sally Carson from the Portobello Marine Laboratory in Dunedin talks about her Marine Meter Squared project.

Portobello Marine Laboratory's Sally Carson

Portobello Marine Laboratory's Sally Carson Photo: Supplied

Haz and Charlotte Forrester glamming it up

Haz and Charlotte Forrester glamming it up Photo: Supplied

9:40 Musical Siblings - Athuzela Brown/Womb/A Hum Of Voices

Charlotte and Haz Forrester used to be a dreamy folk group called Athuzela Brown. In the last couple of years the twins have split apart musically, pursuing solo projects Womb, and A Hum Of Voices. Shaun D Wilson spoke to the Forresters about growing, and making music, together and apart.

10:07 Eating Insects

What did you have for Christmas Dinner? Two billion people around the world eat insects, but most of us in New Zealand are yet to get an appetite for them. Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Auckland Dr Clare Wall, and Elliot Olsen - whose Critter Farms idea is to produce a powdered cricket flour - digest why insects are a good solution for a sustainable source of protein.

Crickets on a plate

Crickets on a plate Photo: Takeaway

Jessica Russell holding a Providence Petrel on Lord Howe Island

Jessica Russell holding a Providence Petrel on Lord Howe Island Photo: Supplied

10:30 Young Scientist: Jessica Russell

There are international concerns about the world's dwindling bee population. Here in New Zealand the varoa mite has decimated numbers in parts of the country, and that's far from the only threat to them. Over the holidays Victory University summer scholarship student Jessica Russell will be working with laboratory-reared honey bees as part of an experiment she hopes will provide information to help them in the wild.

10:45 Buskers - Coral Pitcher

Coral Pitcher is a singer/songwriter who along with her mother Emmeline Pitcher has toured throughout New Zealand, and been a busker on many of its streets as well. She's performed at rugby games, on reality television, and late last year won an online poll to receive funding for the music video for her single Shooting You Up.

Coral Pitcher

Coral Pitcher Photo: Supplied

11:06 Venice

Venice is one of the world's most popular tourist destination - no surprise there. But increasing numbers of vast cruise ships now tower over the low lying historic city, and there are concerns Venice just can't cope with the number of tourists flooding in. While there Lynn Freeman interviewed proud Venetian Flavio Andreis who works in the tourist industry; the main occupation for locals.

11:20 Italian food

Italian cuisine is not only delissimo, it's also a healthy option without sacrificing flavour. Giulio Ricatti moved to New Zealand from Italy six years ago to set up his restaurant Cicio Cacio Osteria in Wellington. He enjoys experimenting with Kiwi produce while still producing food true to his Italian mother's recipes and philosophy.

Chef Giulio Ricatti

Chef Giulio Ricatti Photo: RNZ

11:35 Voices From The Surf

Over its 80 year history, surf lifesavers patrolling Karekare beach have saved over 2000 lives. The beach near the Waitakere ranges is beautiful but like so many others in New Zealand is potentially dangerous.

Long-time surf lifesaver,and former Mayor of Waitakere City Sir Bob Harvey has explored the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club archives and interviewed current and former lifeguards for a book to mark the anniversary: Voices From The Surf.

One of those is Matt Wade who joined back in 1996. He's been a patrol captain, on the management committee, edited the club magazine and been part of the surf canoe squad.

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Artist: Athuzela Brown
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Composer: Charlotte & Haz Forrester
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Artist: Athuzela Brown
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Artist: Athuzela Brown
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Artist: Coral Pitcher
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