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The Weekend with Karyn Hay for Saturday 27 December 2014

Radio New Zealand tattoo

One of the t-shirt winners for The Weekend's feedback competition has tattooed the Radio New Zealand logo on his arm. Now that's dedication!

08:13 New Zealand’s future

The presents and the Christmas dinner are behind us, the next set of festive decisions looming are New Year's resolutions. But why stop at a year? What about decisions that could shape the next 5, 10, even 50 years? Decisions about the diversifying and ageing population, climate change, land and water use; issues for Māori and for our work, diet, and health.

Richard Bedford, Stephanie Pride, Bob Frame, Sharon Hawke
L-R: Richard Bedford, Stephanie Pride, Bob Frame, Sharon Hawke

Futurist and consultant Dr Stephanie Pride, futurist and principal scientist in Sustainability and Society at Landcare Research Bob Frame, Ngati Whatua Orakei trustee Sharon Hawke, and Richard Bedford the Sharon Professor of Migration Studies at AUT discuss what’s bubbling under right now that will affect New Zealand in the future.

Dr Stephanie Pride's future proofing garden before Garden with addition of raised beds and vegetables


09:05 Regional Panel – Otago/Dunedin

Over the next four weekends we are heading to New Zealand’s regions. Housing, employment, tourism, infrastructure, entrepreneurship and the dairy downturn - each region has its own story to tell. Radio New Zealand's regional reporters have picked out movers and shakers in their patch to speak openly about their hopes and concerns for the place they call home.

Dunedin ended the year with two bangs. Winning the Gigatown competition, and a few days later Dunedin becoming a UNESCO designated City of Literature. The city lobbied hard for both.

We hear from Radio New Zealand’s Otago regional reporter/Summer Report co-host Ian Telfer, Director of Methodist Mission Southern Laura Black, Daphne Hull, who's worked on the Central Otago Rail Trail, and Alexandra Blossom Festival as well as having been a councillor, and Ian Taylor of Taylormade Media and Animation Research Ltd.


09:30 Consumer tips - home security

One of the downsides of heading away on holiday, is the risk of something happening to your home. Burglary, power cuts, floods and fire... it's enough to stop you relaxing and having fun. A rehabilitated burglar shares practical advice about things you can do improve your chances of keeping your home safe and sound.

Security Tips:

  • Install a house alarm.
  • Make sure your mailbox is cleared.
  • Try to have a car left on the property and have it moved regularly.
  • Don't hide keys or valuables in obvious places like under the mat, in the freezer, the piano, or jewellery in the master bedroom.
  • Lock your garage so burglars can't access tools.
  • Don't have ladders outside the house.
  • Be aware of seeing people on your road who seem to be watching houses.Beck Eleven
  • Don't put packaging of expensive gifts on the road for recycling.


Journalist Beck Eleven wrote a series of columns for The Press about her two plus years of housesitting experiences after the February 2011 earthquake wrecked her home.


10:07 Community gardening (part 1)

Community gardens are springing up all over the country, in all ways, shapes and forms. Lynn Freeman visited Kapiti coast gardener Hannah Zwartz who's involved with helping people wanting to start community gardens and is also researching different models of community gardens here and overseas. Joining Hannah in the conversation is Sarah Adams from Wellington City Council who works with people wanting to set up gardens on council owned land.

Charlotte Smith is one of the people behind the established Devonport Community Garden and Peter Buchanan chats about Dunedin’s very new Bathgate Park Community Garden set up by GrowSouth.


Gallery: Community gardening

Collage of photos from community gardens

10:27 Musical Dynasties - Annie & Will Crummer

Annie Crummer has been a mainstay of the New Zealand music scene since her first single charted when she was just sixteen. As well as being a solo act she's well known for her collaborations with groups like When The Cat's Away, and Netherworld Dancing Toys. And best not to forget her time working on musicals including Rent and We Will Rock You. But Annie's most important musical collaborator has been without doubt her father Will Crummer.

Will and Annie Crummer photo Dru Faulkner
Will and Annie Crummer at Radio New Zealand (photo: Dru Faulkner)

Peter Deardon10:50 Bee scientist Peter Dearden

Otago University Geneticist, Peter Dearden is an expert on the honey bee and works closely with the beekeeping industry in New Zealand. Peter says most feral bees have died out, so managed bees play a vital role in agricultural pollinating. His hard work on behalf of this country’s honey bee population saw him be awarded the Royal Society's Callaghan Medal for Science Communication.


11:06 The New York Times' frugal traveller Seth Kugel

Seth Kugel, journalist and travel writer, is affectionately known by readers of the New York Times and his other fans as The Frugal Traveller. He has hot tips on how to travel on a budget and how to decide what really matters.

11:35 Ecuador: Merazonia Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

Like New Zealand, Ecuador in South America is home to unique endemic species which, on the world market, attract prices high enough to encourage animal smuggling. That's not the only threat to species though. Some backpackers lure travellers with promises of close encounters with rare animals in cages. Locals also contribute to the problem when they capture or buy animals for pets, which come to outgrow their homes or patience. The Ecuadorian government entrusts these animals to only a handful of centres - one of the most respected Merazonia Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in the deep south near the Amazonian town of Mera. Lynn Freeman speaks to Dutch journalist Frank Weijand who helped set up the centre a decade ago, and is still there, trying to help as many animals as possible return to the wild.

Gallery: Merazonia

Malcolm the blue and gold macaw
Malcolm, the blue and gold macaw

Music played in this show

Musical Dynasties - Annie & Will Crummer

ARTIST: Will Crummer
TITLE: Toko No'o Anga
COMPOSER: Trad, Arr Crummer
ALBUM: Shoebox Love Songs: The Rarotongan Music of Will Crummer

ARTIST: Will Crummer ft. Annie Crummer
TITLE: Aue Taku Tane
COMPOSER: Traditional arrangement/Crummer
ALBUM:  Shoebox Love Songs: The Rarotongan Music of Will Crummer

ARTIST: Will Crummer and The Royal Rarotongans
TITLE: Toku Nooanga
COMPOSER:  Traditional arrangement/Crummer, Smith
ALBUM:  Love Songs of Polynesia

ARTIST: Toni Williams
TITLE: I Love My Chilldren
COMPOSER: Traditional arrangement/Geoff, Smith
ALBUM:  Love Songs of Polynesia

ARTIST: Annie Crummer
TITLE: Language
COMPOSER: Crummer, Batteau, Freeman
ALBUM: Language

ARTIST: Will Crummer
TITLE: Manea
COMPOSER: Traditional arrangement/Crummer
ALBUM: Shoebox Love Songs: The Rarotongan Music of Will Crummer

ARTIST: Will Crummer
TITLE: Manea
COMPOSER: Trad, Arr Crummer
ALBUM: Shoebox Love Songs: The Rarotongan Music of Will Crummer

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ARTIST: Elvis Costello
TITLE: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?
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