27 Dec 2014

Consumer tips - home security

From The Weekend , 9:32 am on 27 December 2014

One of the downsides of heading away on holiday, is the risk of something happening to your home. Burglary, power cuts, floods and fire... it's enough to stop you relaxing and having fun.

Journalist Beck Eleven, who wrote a series of columns for The Press about her two plus years of housesitting experiences after the February 2011 earthquake wrecked her home, and a rehabilitated burglar share practical advice about things you can do improve your chances of keeping your home safe and sound.

Security Tips:

  • Install a house alarm.
  • Make sure your mailbox is cleared.
  • Try to have a car left on the property and have it moved regularly.
  • Don't hide keys or valuables in obvious places like under the mat, in the freezer, the piano, or jewellery in the master bedroom.
  • Lock your garage so burglars can't access tools.
  • Don't have ladders outside the house.
  • Be aware of seeing people on your road who seem to be watching houses.
  • Don't put packaging of expensive gifts on the road for recycling.