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Me ua e te ua

Let the rain fall

According to contemporary Māori Art commentator and cultural historian Ngahiraka Mason, the lack of critical awareness and education of Māori historical art is a huge challenge for contemporary Māori Art as a whole. And it’s having a ripple-on effect within Te Ao Māori and perhaps more tragically upon Māori and our ability to think for ourselves.

Ngahiraka Mason

Ngahiraka Mason (Photo provided by Ngahiraka Mason)

From the 1880’s to modern day and stretching from Aotearoa to Rēkohu, Where the Rēkohu Bone Sings by Tina Makereti delves into what has largely been an untold story in fictional Māori writing – that, of Māori and Moriori. The author is with Maraea Rakuraku.

T Makereti

Tina Makereti (Photo provided by Tina Makereti)

Where the Rekohu Bone Sings by Tina Makereti

Waiata featured: Sunshine on the Water perfomed by Tama Waipara from the album Fill up the silence (2014)