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He kōrero te kai a te rangatira

The food of the chiefs, is talk.

Whakatauki voiced by Gideon Porter nō Tūhoe, Ngāpuh

The year was 1954 and Winiata Morunga was 20 years old when he met 18 year old Doreen Beazley. Good thing they liked each other because less than a year later they were married, due to arrangements made between their respective whānau in a practice known as Tomo. Morunga recalls that time and the seriousness by which matters were conducted due to the collective responsibility between all parties and their whānau.  

The disruption of living arrangements and traditional patterns of authority can be attributed to factors that led to the breakdown of traditional Māori practices such as Tomo according to Dr Carwyn Jones. He provides some legal and historical context to what led to the disappearance of what was a common practice amongst many Iwi and Hapu, right up until the mid-1950’s.   

Awanui Star Compass

The star compass erected on the property of Hekenukumai Busbys Awanui property is impressive and a necessary tool in the schooling of traditional Ocean navigating techniques. Maraea Rakuraku visits and gains an education herself when she pits modern day technology ie a Smartphone App up against Traditional Knowledge.

Hekenukumai Busby

Hekenukumai Busby, Awanui (2012)

Waiata featured: I’ll Rise performed by Ben Harper from the Album Welcome to the Cruel World (1994)