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Toitu te whenua, whatungarongaro te tangata

The land remains, people are lost

Tina Ngata nō Ngāti Pōrou explains the whakatauki.

A rather hilarious exchange at a Sushi place in Gisborne is just part of the journey enjoyed so far by Tina Ngata who is a month in to a year-long challenge of no plastic. Yes, no plastic! and she’s blogging all about it at The Non - Plastic Māori.

Through the Artistic Collective, The House of Taonga - Tracey Tawhiao is switching up how the public accesses Art. Maraea Rakuraku tours a salon created in Wellington in December specifically for that purpose. 

Witnessing the birth of a foal on her birthday was the impetus for a picture book, Taka Ki Ro Wai by Keri Kaa. Kaa provides some cultural context to the tale.