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“Whāia ko te matauranga hei whītiki te iwi kia toa ai

Seek ye from the fountain of knowledge so the people may be uplifted, thrive and prosper

This week’s whakatāuki is explained by Te Awanui Reeder (nō Ngāi te Rangi, Ngā Potiki).

Jason Te Kare reckons George Nepia (1905 – 1986) is to rugby what Michael Jordan is to basketball and Jared Rawiri is thrilled to be involved with the theatre production which explores a significant part of New Zealand history. Maraea Rakuraku meets the creative talent involved with I, George Nepia.

Karangawai Marsh first learnt how to cut harakeke (flax) at 8 years old. Through most of her life she learned how to weave and make kakahu (traditional māori cloaks) and taniko (method of twining) from her kuia. Having studied language at Te Wananga o Raukawa in Otaki, Karangawai is currently in her final year of a masters degree in māori visual arts at Massey University. At this year’s Te Waka Toi awards, she was one of the recipients of the Nga tohu toi kē scholarships.

After a decade in the music business the Polynesian music group Nesian Mystik called it a day last year with their final album 99AD. This August, lead vocalist Awanui Reeder launched his solo EP Native Intel and chose the first single Viper Room to surprise his fans with a song that was unexpected, different to the ‘Nesian’ sound. Justine Murray catches up with him.

George Nepia Hi Res
George Nepia. Image courtesy of Tawata Productions.

Karangawai Marsh: Te Waka Toi Images courtesy of Creative New Zealand

TWT Awards
Left: Te Waka Toi Scholarship winner Karangawai Marsh. Right: Karangawai with her whanau.

TWT Awards
Recipients of Nga Taonga Toi a Te Waka Toi awards.
Back Row L to R: John Huria, Nathan Hoturoa Gray, Tai Kerekere, Sir Hirini Moko Mead, Sir Tamati Reedy, Te Riaki Amoamo, Te Kahautu Maxwell.
Front row L to R:  Karangawai Marsh; Kura Te Waru Rewiri; Dr Ngapare Hopa; Robyn Kahukiwa; Marilynn Webb; Ema Rogers.

Waiata featured:Viper Room; If things were different; E Ko by Awanui Reeder from the EP album Native Entel (2011); Beneath the Māori moon performed by George Nepia from the album Rucks, Tries and Choruses (2011), and in another recording of the actor Jarod Rawiri; Mātauranga performed by Lisa Tomlins and Mina Wipia from the album Wai 100%; Nesian 101 performed by Nesian Mystik from the album 99AD (2010).