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7:10 Professor Gary McLean on the longevity of Covid-19 immunity 

Joining us again on Sunday Morning is Dr Gary McLean, Professor in molecular immunology at London Metropolitan University and an international authority on coronaviruses. Professor McLean is with us to look at all of the latest news relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, including what the longevity of immunity is likely to be and how Covid-19 has become a 'super' coronavirus. 

Gary McLean

Gary McLean Photo: Supplied

7.32 The House 

Four brand new bills ploughed through first readings this week and are now open for public submissions. The House gives a quick look-see at what they cover.  

Parliament House and the Beehive

Parliament House and the Beehive Photo: VNP / Phil Smith

7:45 Is it time to make the switch to private browsers? 

This past week, the lead consumer technology writer from the New York Times urged readers to ditch Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge in favour of using private browsers like Brave, due to privacy concerns. Sunday Morning tech correspondent Helen Baxter has spoken before about Brave. She explains why the big player browser providers are increasingly coming under fire. 

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8:12 Calling Home: Flick Taylor in Laikipia County, Kenya 

Flick Taylor is currently living in a tent on her and husband Sam's plot in Laikipia County in Kenya while the family build a new home. The land borders the Lolldaiga Conservancy, which is a 50,000 acre conservancy used for tourism and cattle ranching, and it's a world away from her early upbringing on a farm in rural Canterbury. Especially when she has to chase baboons out of the kitchen or when snakes start falling out of the trees... 

New Zealander Flick Taylor sitting on the edge of the Tekeze Gorge in Ethiopia on a helicopter recce safari in October 2019.

New Zealander Flick Taylor sitting on the edge of the Tekeze Gorge in Ethiopia on a helicopter recce safari in October 2019. Photo: Supplied

8:41 The Weekend Panel with Brigitte Moreton and Chris Wikaira

On the Weekend Panel this morning are Brigitte Moreton and Chris Wikaira. Among other topics, they'll be looking at the death of Prince Philip, the vaccine rollout, stopping travel from India to New Zealand, progress with the trans-Tasman bubble, and the idea of being able to buy (and consume in public) liquor 365 days a year. 

Woman is standing near shelf with bottle of wine and choosing one. Close up of female hand, rising beverage

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9:06 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch talks to the new boss at broadcasting company MediaWorks - where the company's culture is under scrutiny.  Also: how the media made the Trans Tasman travel bubble a good news story despite doubts about what the real benefits will be - and how news of the Duke of Edinburgh's death broke at a tricky time for media here.

Cam Wallace, MediaWorks CEO

Cam Wallace, MediaWorks CEO Photo: supplied/

9:37 Why your brain is programmed to love (or loathe) your boss 

Most people have had great bosses, but there are others who have never felt the love for their workplace superiors. It turns out there's science behind why your relationship with your boss works so well - or doesn't. Sherri Malouf is the Chair and Principal of Situation Management Systems and author of Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship. She joins the show to explain how it works.   

Boss threatening with finger his employee, isolated

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10:17 Peter Frampton: 'Living in the limelight was never for me' 

Peter Frampton's groundbreaking 'Frampton Comes Alive!' album spawned three top-20 singles, sold eight million copies the year it was released (more than 17 million to date), and it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2020. It made him one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll history. But it wasn't all beer and brown M&Ms for the man Guitar World voted the 24th best guitarist of all time. In fact, if he could have his time again, Frampton says he would do things differently. He joins the show to discuss his incredible career and his new book, Do You Feel Like I Do? 

Peter Frampton and band

Peter Frampton and band Photo: Supplied

10:44 Digital health tools associated with weight loss

A ground-breaking new study has found that self-monitoring using digital health tools -- including apps, wearables and websites -- is associated with weight loss. Study co-author Dr Shelley Patel, from the Stanford University School of Medicine, specialises in researching digital health strategies for obesity treatment and prevention. She joins the show to discuss the study, which was published online in Obesity, The Obesity Society's flagship journal. 


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11:05 'We need a building ministry': doco reveals high-rise horrors

A new documentary by building experts John Gray and Roger Levie has uncovered the shocking state of apartment buildings around New Zealand. Entitled A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters, the programme reveals that even new builds are not immune to a glut of defections, which can cost millions to fix and cause huge problems for owners who thought they were taking a prudent step onto the property ladder. Roger Levie joins Sunday Morning to discuss why he thinks a Building Ministry is important for moving forward and changing the system. A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters will be airing on Wednesday, April 14 on Prime. 

Leaky home experts and documentary makers John Gray and Roger Levie

Leaky home experts and documentary makers John Gray and Roger Levie Photo: Supplied / John Hagen ©

11:45 UK royal correspondent on Prince Philip's death 

Prince Philip's death at the age of 99 has sent Britain into a period of mourning, and brought to an end the incredible love story between the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth, his wife of more than seven decades. Royal correspondent Richard Fitzwilliams joins the show to discuss Prince Philip's passing and what it means for the Royal Family. 

The electronic billboard at Piccadilly Circus displays a tribute to Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in central London on April 9, 2021 after the announcement of the duke's death.

Photo: AFP