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8:12 The real risks and health benefits of cold-water swimming 

Cold-water swimmers have long been known for espousing the benefits of taking cold-water dips. And with Covid-19 seeing many public pools temporarily closed, soaring numbers are taking to rivers, lakes and the sea to get their swimming fix. But is it all good? New Scientist writer and ex-Antarctic biologist Alison George has investigated whether cold-water swimming is actually good for you. 

New Scientist writer and ex-Antarctic biologist Alison George.

New Scientist writer and ex-Antarctic biologist Alison George. Photo: Supplied

8:33 One third of Kiwis want daylight saving system changed 

This morning we put the clocks back again to signify the end of daylight saving. Not all countries do this, and there has been some recent discussion about whether New Zealand should revise our daylight saving system. Research New Zealand has taken the pulse of the nation around the oft-debated topic of daylight saving. Managing partner Emanuel Kalaftelis is with us to share the results. 

Sunrise over earth

Sunrise over earth Photo: Public Domain

8:40 The Weekend Panel with Peter Dunne and Josie Pagani

On the Weekend Panel this morning the media commentator Josie Pagani, and the former leader of United Future, Peter Dunne. They'll be discussing the worth of daylight saving, Joe Wheeler's use of a mock-Asian accent after a Super Rugby match, homelessness in New Zealand, and sexual violence on the Wellington streets. 

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Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

9:06 Mediawatch

Mediawatch looks at the latest move towards creating a new public media entity - and what it means for TVNZ and RNZ in the meantime.  Also long-serving Herald reporter Simon Collins looks back on more than 40 years in journalism - and a local TV current affairs show with a strong Aussie accent.

TVNZ building

TVNZ building Photo: Supplied to RNZ

9:42 Will stick shifts soon be a thing of the past? 

CNBC says manual transmission cars are disappearing from the world's roads. Stick shifts are becoming extinct. That's certainly the case in the United States, but are we seeing the same thing in New Zealand? Award-winning motoring writer Jacqui Madelin joins us from her Easter happy place -- Wheels at Wanaka -- with her analysis.

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10:07 Stevie Van Zandt: 50 years of brotherhood with Bruce Springsteen 

There isn't much legendary E Street Band guitarist and The Sopranos actor Stevie Van Zandt (70) hasn't done in the world of entertainment. With a working relationship with Bruce Springsteen that dates back over five decades, the man formerly known as 'Miami Steve' is in the throes of completing his memoir, 'Unrequited Infatuations'. He joins the show to discuss his new book, originally being cast as Tony Soprano, and how he's only ever had three fights with 'The Boss' in 50+ years. 

Musician and actor Stevie Van Zandt.

Musician and actor Stevie Van Zandt. Photo: Supplied

10:35 Calling Home: Ron Hanson in Taichung City, Taiwan

Former Wellingtonian Ron Hanson has strong ties to Taiwan, having lived there on and off since the turn of the century. He teaches English privately, runs an arts magazine with his brother Mark (who also lives in Taiwan) called White Fungus and is involved in lots of other arts-related work. He's Calling Home from the Nantun District of Taichung City, where he lives in a recently-purchased apartment with wife Ema. 

New Zealanders Ron Hanson in Tainan.

New Zealanders Ron Hanson in Tainan. Photo: Ema Chang

11:05 The Musical Chair: Jenene Crossan 

Kiwi entrepreneur and tech innovator Jenene Crossan has become one of the unofficial faces of Long Covid sufferers in New Zealand, having first been diagnosed with Covid-19 in March, 2020. More than one year on, Jenene is still struggling with the virus and is about to head back to hospital for more surgery. She's in the Musical Chair this morning. 

Janene Crossan and husband husband Scottie Chapman

Janene Crossan and husband husband Scottie Chapman Photo: Supplied

11:45 The House 

Mandatary Covid-19 tests and wearing masks on public transport are rules seemingly issued by the Government without question. The House asks the Minister for Covid-19 Response how they make these orders and talks to the Parliamentary committee of MPs which reviews them. 

Bus passengers wearing masks during level 2, Wellington 15 February 2021

Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas