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7:10 Al Gillespie on what a Biden presidency will mean for NZ 

As difficult as it has been for New Zealanders to watch the battle for the US presidency unfold, it pales in comparison to being on a couch and watching the same newsfeed in Venezuela, Iran or China, says University of Waikato Professor of Law Al Gillespie. He joins the show to discuss what a Joe Biden presidency could mean for New Zealand.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden looks on while speaking at the Queen venue in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 5, 2020.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden looks on while speaking at the Queen venue in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 5, 2020. Photo: AFP

7:18 Covid-19 update with Professor Michael Baker 

A new study suggests that there could be another key reason to get a flu jab: it might reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19. Professor Michael Baker from the University of Otago, Wellington is back with us to discuss this and other Covid-19 questions, including why Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink, will cull all farmed mink in the country in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 infection. 

Professor Michael Baker

Professor Michael Baker Photo: Supplied

7:45 Calling Home: Merita Wi-Kaitaia in Rarotonga 

Merita Wi-Kaitaia moved to Rarotonga seven years ago, having spent holidays there visiting her grandparents. After two years studying abroad in Japan, Merita returned to Rarotonga in September, with her new daughter Esther. There she's a full-time mum, and a part-time research assistant towards the Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+, which is Office of the Prime Minister work. 

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8:10 Bain family murders the ultimate 'whodunnit' 

Martin van Beynen is the author of Black Hands: Inside the Bain Family Murders. The unpublished manuscript was the foundation for the popular podcast series and the TV series that is currently screening. After sitting through the entire 58 days of the second David Bain trial in 2009 and seeing all the evidence, van Beynen concluded David was far more likely to have been the killer than his father, Robin, though he says the latter can't be ruled out entirely. 

David Bain.

David Bain. Photo: aap

8:34 Weekend Panel with Bernard Hickey and Josie Pagani 

Panellists Bernard Hickey and Josie Pagani join the show to look at some big stories of the past week. They'll be discussing the US election, the Trump years, the MAGA party that took place at an Auckland bar, the New Zealand Cabinet transformation, the recreational cannabis referendum, the NZ housing market, and more. 

DUBUQUE, IOWA - NOVEMBER 01: President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally at Dubuque Regional Airport on November 1, 2020 in Dubuque, Iowa.

Photo: 2020 Getty Images

9:06 Mediawatch

Trump v Biden was the big story this week for the world's media on Wednesday - followed by Trump v democracy when the President challenged the result.  Also: how our media responded to the PM picking the most diverse Cabinet we've ever had  - and a new magazine for rural women made by rural women all around the country.  

No captionCeremony to Appoint the New Ministry. Government House

Photo: Dom Thomas

9:42 Correspondent Karen Kasler on the US election 

The US election is now all over bar the shouting -- but there is still plenty of that to come, with outgoing President Donald Trump saying he's being cheated. He's filed several lawsuits, and called for the Supreme Court to intervene. US correspondent Karen Kasler is with us to cover off Joe Biden's victory.  

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (L) in Wilmington, Delaware, and US President Donald Trump (R) in Washington, DC both pumping their fist during an election night speech early November 4, 2020.

Photo: AFP

10:05 Match Fit helping to break down mental health barriers  

Personal trainer Alex Flint is currently putting a group of former All Blacks through their paces in TV3's popular Match Fit show. A strength and conditioning coach with expertise in weight loss, Alex has previously worked with UFC fighters and international kickboxers and boxers. He joins the show to discuss the Match Fit experience and the positive impact the series is having on men in general -- both physically and mentally.  

New Zealand Rugby's Pasifika Engagement Manager, Saveatama Eroni Clarke.

New Zealand Rugby's Pasifika Engagement Manager, Saveatama Eroni Clarke. Photo: Supplied

10:22 Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere on Lola, by the Kinks 

Fifty years ago 'Lola' by the Kinks, was number one in New Zealand. The hit-song tells the story of Lola, who "walked like a woman but talked like a man". Green MP, and LGBTIQ activist Dr Elizabeth Kerekere joins Jim to speak about the impact of the song, and how her first few weeks in Parliament have been. 

Dr Elizabeth Kerekere

Dr Elizabeth Kerekere Photo: Leigh Marama McLachlan/RNZ

10:34 'People are really seeing these large South Island black cats' 

There have been more reports of big cats in the South Island come in from Sunday Morning listeners, and we've spoken to four people who have varying accounts. Yolanda van Heezik is a professor in the zoology department at Otago University. She says the sightings of these large black cats are completely legitimate, though it is "extremely unlikely" that we have panthers or pumas living in New Zealand.  

For the penguins sake . . .  Reasearchers have suggested closing off beaches to allow penguins to breed in peace. Yolanda van Heezik with Sandfly bay in behind.


10:48 Our Current Song: The Warratahs, 'New World' 

Iconic Kiwi band The Warratahs are back on the road again and currently promoting their new single, 'New World', which they've been playing in recent South Island gigs. Lead singer and guitarist Barry Saunders joins the show to discuss the new track and their extensive touring history throughout New Zealand, which has seen them appear in 120 urban centres and towns across the country. 

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11:05 Top tips to have fewer regrets by the end of the week 

Many of us have regrets at the end of the week about things we did or things we wish we would have done. And it's common for people to experience bigger regrets near the end of their life. But there is good news. By addressing those smaller regrets we experience on a weekly basis, you can help yourself from dealing with major regrets at the end of your life. Psychotherapist Amy Morin has compiled a list of ways you can have fewer regrets by the end of the week.

Psychotherapist Amy Morin

Psychotherapist Amy Morin Photo: Supplied

11:30 New Zealand's maritime past and present celebrated 

Frances Walsh's new book, Endless Sea focuses on the sea which encircles Aotearoa, and 100 objects from the collection of the New Zealand Maritime Museum, where she works as in-house writer. From relics of the age of the great ocean liners to America's Cup winner, Black Magic, the book -- which is shot by the renowned photographer Jane Ussher -- celebrates New Zealand's love affair with the sea. 

Author Frances Walsh

Author Frances Walsh Photo: Supplied