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7:10 Survey suggests Kiwis less inclined to listen to Government's Covid-19 instructions 

Research New Zealand continues to take the pulse of the nation through the Covid-19 lockdown period, with the seventh weekly report on the impact the virus is having showing a significant drop in respondents thinking that New Zealanders are listening to government messaging about restricting their movement during Alert Level 3. Meanwhile, opinion about whether year's general election should be delayed because of Covid-19 is well and truly polarised. Research NZ managing partner Emanuel Kalafatelis explains more. 

Walking at Auckland's Kohimarama Beach during the lockdown due to Covid-19.

Photo: Andrew Cornaga/Photosport

7:18 Trump calls on US 'to be warriors' as death toll passes 75,000

US president Donald Trump says Americans 'have to be warriors' and accept the reality of more deaths in order to start reopening the economy, as the Covid-19 death rate in the country races past the 75,000 mark, while Joe Biden' sexual accuser Tara Reade is calling on him to drop out of the 2020 presidential race. US correspondent Karen Kasler is with us to look at another big news week in the US.   

US President Donald Trump speaking on 6 May 2020

Photo: AFP

7.32 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament with Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith.

7:45 Calling Home: Laura Taylor in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Art director Laura Taylor was on a job in Tunisia when Covid-19 took hold of the globe, and with the help of the British Embassy she was able to get back to her base in Sao Paulo. Now she is under lockdown in the southeastern state where there have been more than 3000 coronavirus-related deaths and tensions are rising as Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro refuses to follow WHO recommendations.

Laura Taylor

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8:10 Dr. Wayne Koff: 'Finding Covid-19 vaccine won't be easy' 

Dr. Wayne Koff is the president and CEO of the Human Vaccines Project and one of the world's leading experts on vaccine development, having spent most of his career searching for a HIV vaccine. There are at least 100 experimental Covid-19 vaccines in the pipeline at present, but Dr. Koff says most vaccines take a decade to be created. He joins the show to discuss how research is being done differently to try and speed up the quest to find a successful vaccine.   

Wayne Koff

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8:41 Linda Clark and Virginia Larson on NZ's Covid-19 reaction 

Lawyer Linda Clark and journalist Virginia Larson join the show to discuss the highly anticipated move to Alert Level 2 and what it will mean for things like dining out and sports, and they give their thoughts on the government’s efforts to mitigate economic damage from the lockdown.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during the Covid-19 media conference on 7 May, 2020.

Photo: Pool / NZME

9:05 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch looks at how some in the media have urged the government to loosen up the lockdown next week to save jobs - and claims it's putting our mental health in jeopardy. Mediawatch talks to the editor of New Zealand's only remaining magazine covering current affairs - and looks at a talk radio encounter that prompted accusations of racism. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Hayden Donnell. 

9:40 Professor Michael Baker answers your Covid-19 questions 

Public health physician from the University of Otago Wellington, Professor Michael Baker has been a constant and reassuring presence on Sunday Morning throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period. He returns to answer your questions and ours about the pandemic and the upcoming move to Alert Level 2. Email your questions to or text 2101.

Professor Michael Baker, a public health medicine specialist at the University of Otago

Photo: University of Otago

10:04 Covid-19: Linda Blair on the importance of friendship

Studies show that millions of us are lonely, and it is now arguably more important than ever to be able to rely on the good friends that we have in our lives. Clinical psychologist Linda Blair says we've learned a lot about friendship through the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and lengthy lockdown period we've all had to endure. 

Dr Linda Blair

Photo: Sam Jones

10:25 Covid-19: Millions find message of hope in Kiwi's viral poem

Kiwi-born Welsh poet Tomos Roberts (aka Probably Tom Foolery) has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world with his video 'The Great Realisation'. The fairytale-esque poem details the grim realities of pre-Covid life, such as pollution and overconsumption, before imagining a brighter future once the pandemic is over. Since being posted last week, the video has been viewed more than 30 million times, and garnered attention from A-list celebrities including Jake Gyllenhal, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

11:05 Dave Dobbyn on love, music and Mother's Day

Following the postponement of Th' Dudes long-awaited April tour due to the Covid-19 lockdown, local music legend Dave Dobbyn has been using his time to pin down some new songs. He joins the show to discuss the beauty of limitations when writing music, the search for truth, and the "invisible angels" of the music industry.

Dave Dobbyn

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11:45 How Covid-19 is affecting your dreams 

Feel as though you've been dreaming a lot more recently? And have those dreams felt more vivid than usual? You're certainly not alone if you answered yes. Many people are reporting unusually vivid dreams during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Professor Mark Blagrove is a psychologist and sleep and dream researcher at Swansea University. He joins the show to look at how our dreams are being shaped by Covid-19. 

Mark Blagrove

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