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7.11 Sarb Johal: psychological impact on Thai boys in cave

The boys can be seen introducing themselves next to a diver in a wetsuit.

Photo: Facebook/Thai NavySEAL

Psychologist Sarb Johal

Psychologist Sarb Johal Photo: Supplied

The 12 boys and their soccer coach are still trapped in a chamber in the Tham Luang cave complex in the Chiang Rai region of Thailand. Psychologist Sarb Johal is a professor at the Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University and GNS Science and talks about the effect on the boys' mental welfare.

7:23 Study reveals levels of chemicals in New Zealanders' bodies

A recent report on chemicals in people's bodies has presented, for the first time, the type and number of concerning chemicals New Zealanders are exposed to every day.  The study, titled the Biological Monitoring of Selected Chemicals of Concern, was done by Massey University, with funding from the Ministry of Health, and provides a baseline of the nature of chemical exposure in NZ Lead author is Andrea 'tMannetje from Massey's Centre for Public Health Research.

7.30 The House

This week: an update on the invisible hats that MPs wear. And the get-out-of-jail-free card that MPs have on defamation. With Daniela Maoate-Cox.

7:47 Wimbledon Update with Dave Luddy

Women's world No 1 Simona Halep is out but her male equivalent Rafael Nadal has cruised through. Plus an update on the Kiwis taking the court. 

7.53 Football World Cup with Coen Lammers

Coen Lammers

Coen Lammers Photo: Supplied

England advance and update on the Croatia v Russia match with Coen Lammers. At airtime they were about to go into extra time. 

8:10 Insight: Goldrush - the Rise of the eSports Industry

Gamers compete to be the New Zealand number 1 at the Project Cars 2 champs in Auckland

Gamers compete to be the New Zealand number 1 at the Project Cars 2 champs in Auckland Photo: RNZ Insight

Competitive video gaming, or what's known as e-sports, is a booming global industry. The International Olympic committee is even considering making it a sport at the Olympics. Here at home, taxpayer-funded body Sport NZ is deciding whether to officially recognise the sport and support local players. Insight's reporter Teresa Cowie talks to those making a living in the fledgling, but fast-growing, industry in New Zealand.

8.38 Jon Hiskey: the risks of crossing the US border

A rally in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in front of the Trump International Hotel, Washington DC, 5 September 2017.

Photo: AFP

Professor Jonathan Hiskey

Professor Jonathan Hiskey Photo: Steve Green/Vanderbilt University

There have been demonstrations across the US protesting the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy - a policy that's seen thousands of migrant children, some pre-schoolers, separated from their parents. A judge has ruled that all families separated at the border must be reunited by the end of July, but progress appears to be slow. So given the punitive measures that face immigrants trying to cross the border  - why do families take the risk? Political scientist Jonathan Hiskey from Nashville's Vanderbilt University has studied immigration across the US border and its impact on families for around 30 years.  

9.06 Mediawatch

Colin Peacock asks who should act to stem the spread of online fake news? Governments? News media? Social media? Or none of the above?  Also: falling out with acting prime minister Winston Peters - and shining a light on how our money is used to make movies.

9.37 In Pot Pursuit: Tanya Black and Dr Rick Acland

Tanya Black

Tanya Black Photo: Supplied

Dr Rick Acland

Dr Rick Acland Photo: Supplied

Although a string of polls have shown New Zealanders overwhelmingly in favour of opening up access to cannabis for medicinal use, getting cannabis products legally prescribed is difficult and expensive. Around 400,000 say they use cannabis medically at least some of the time. But only around 60 are using it on prescription.  'In Pot Pursuit' a documentary for TVNZ's Attitude show, Tanya Black, who broke her back in an accident 10 years ago, finds out what it takes to become one of those legal users. She and Dr Rick Acland, a Christchurch pain management specialist, talk about the documentary’s message. In Pot Pursuit plays on Sunday July 15 and 22 at 11am on TV1.

10.05 Al Brown, making yoghurt for the collective good

Chef Al Brown with Angus Allan from The Collective

Chef Al Brown with Angus Allan from The Collective Photo: Supplied

Gourmet yoghurt makers The Collective have teamed up with some of the country's top chefs in a new initiative called Chefs for Good. The idea is for each chef to create a new gourmet yoghurt and part of the money from the sale of that yoghurt goes to the chef's chosen charity. Top Kiwi chef Al Brown and chef-turned-entrepreneur Angus Allan, CEO of The Collective Dairy Company, talk about the fundraiser and the importance of Al’s chosen charity Garden to Table.

10:30  Ben Simons: watching an eternally erupting volcano 

A giant plume of volcanic ash billowing from Mount Yasur volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu on May 26, 2010.

Photo: Ulla LOHMANN / AFP

Ben Simons

Ben Simons Photo: RNZ

Yasur volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu regularly displays spectacular volcanic phenomena such as volcanic lightning, blast waves and gas rings. Yasur is in a state of near continuous eruption - having erupted for around 1500 years. Doctoral candidate Ben Simons from the Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland has been researching Yasur volcano to better understand volcanic dynamics and also to help the local people better prepare for living in the shadow of Yasur.

11:04 Gordon Walters: his life’s work

Gordon Walters is one of New Zealand's most important modernist painters. His bold design motifs are based around an interlocking koru, found in moko and kowhaiwhai. Art critic Anthony Byrt says Walters’ koru paintings turned Gordon Walters into a giant of 20th Century New Zealand art, rivalled only by Colin McCahon. Gordon Walters: New Vision is the first comprehensive survey of the artist's complete body of work and is a partnership project between the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki with support from the Walters Estate. Auckland Art Gallery's Julia Waite is one of the show’s curators, along with Professor Laurence Simmons from the University of Auckland. And Laurence Simmons will also give a talk at the Auckland Art Gallery Sunday July 8 at 2pm in the Auditorium - called Gordon Walters: Revelation and Reassessment.

11:30 Clare O’Higgins: Look Good Feel Better

It’s one week in for those taking part in Dry July and the organisation benefiting from the fundraiser, Look Good Feel Better is highlighting what the money enables them to do. The charity’s general manager Clare O’Higgins speaks about the benefits of the programme for people undergoing cancer treatments as well the success of their men’s classes which started 18 months ago.

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