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7:09 The Ninth Floor Ep 4: Jenny Shipley

Dame Jenny Shipley

Dame Jenny Shipley Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Dame Jenny Shipley was the first woman to reach the top job. During her roller-coaster two years in charge, New Zealand's first MMP coalition fell apart, she sent troops to East Timor and opened trade doors in Asia. But she's just as well known for the welfare cuts of the early 1990s and only came to power after an immaculately orchestrated coup against Jim Bolger in 1997.

8:06 Insight: Medical Marijuana - life in the waiting room

Medicinal cannabis balm

Medicinal cannabis balm Photo: RNZ/Hans Weston

Demand for medical cannabis use is growing, but much of the research that would get robustly tested products into people's bathroom cabinets, is still under way and will take time. Teresa Cowie investigates what patients, their carers, health officials and the police are doing in the meantime.

8:35 John Lanchester: the language of money

John Lanchester

John Lanchester Photo: supplied

There is so much jargon in the language of money; hedge funds, commodities … shrinkflation. British author John Lanchester says we need to understand the language of money because if we can't, the financial elite will write their own rules. He's a journalist and author of several books including Capital and How to Speak Money and he's coming here as part of the Auckland and Dunedin Writers Festival

9:06 Mediawatch

After Brexit and Trump, the new fake news frontier is now France. Who's fighting back with facts over there? Also: Winston Peters calls out the Herald for alternative facts; how the media made a meal of one angry ANZAC youngster - and is news for kids an idea whose time has come?
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:37 Anton Blank: the case for diversity

Anton Blank

Anton Blank Photo: supplied

Anton Blank is the co-author, with Carla Houkamau, of Rewire: a Little Book on Bias. In the book he argues that New Zealand needs to transition from biculturalism to multiculturalism and that one of the key challenges will be dealing with the unconscious biases we all have.

10:05 Mpho Tutu van Furth: Desmond Tutu's daughter talks forgiveness

Mpho Tutu van Furth

Mpho Tutu van Furth Photo: supplied

Mpho Tutu van Furth has co-authored The Book of Forgiving with her father, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She will speak about the subject of forgiveness at the Auckland Writers Festival next month.

10:30 Maureen Gosling: recalling the Burden of Dreams

Fitzcarraldo: screen-shot

A scene from the Werner Herzog classic Fitzcarraldo. Photo: supplied

Filmmaker Maureen Gosling

Filmmaker Maureen Gosling Photo: Supplied

Maureen Gosling talks about her award-winning 1980s documentary Burden of Dreams chronicling the making of Fitzcarraldo, Werner Herzog's epic feature.

11:06 Paul Brennan: Bring Our Birds Home

Aviation enthusiast Paul Brennan has launched a campaign to track down aircraft that flew in New Zealand between 1959 and 1981. He has identified planes of "cultural significance" - the Lockheed Electra from 1959, the Boeing 737 from 1968 and the 747 from 1981. He also wants to repatriate the Douglas DC8 (1968) and its successor, the DC10.

11:35 Igelese Ete: the naked choir master

Igelese Ete

Igelese Ete Photo: supplied

Igelese Ete has been singing and leading choirs since he was a teenager. He's been involved in the musical scores of two films - The Lord of the Rings, and more recently, Disney's Moana. Now he's about to mentor singers in the latest reality-TV elimination show, The Naked Choir. Contestants in the show sing without music - a capella style.

11:45 The House

This week a group of 100 young Pasifika voters taking part in the Pacific Youth Leadership and Transformation Council stepped into the roles of parliamentarians. 
Produced and presented by Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith

Music on the show this week

Artist: Pink Floyd
Song: Money
Composer: Roger Waters
Album: The Dark Side of the Moon
Label: Harvest
Played  8.40am

Artist: Ardijah
Song: Time
Composer: Ryan Monga
Album: Take a Chance
Label: Warner 
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Artist: The Chills
Song: Pink  Frost
Composer: Martyn Phillips
Album: Kaleidoscope World
Label: Flying Nun
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Artist: Pacific Voices choir
Song: Vaka
Composer: Igelese Ete/Jackie Leota-Mua
Album: Malaga - The Journey 
Label: Unknown
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