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7:08 Port Hills Fire: Sharon Brettkelly with an update on the Port Hills fire


Senior reporter Sharon Brettkelly reports from Christchurch where many residents are anxiously waiting for information about when they can return to their homes.

7:15 Port Hills Fire: Rory Creach - Kennedy's Bush resident


The fire forced Rory Creach to evacuate from his home on Wednesday.

7:22 Port Hills Fire: Richard McNamara - fire control


Fire incident commander Richard McNamara discusses what's expected to happen today in the Port Hills area as a high risk of flare-ups continues.

7:32 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament.

Produced and presented by Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith


Jan Tinetti

Jan Tinetti Photo: RNZ/Jeremy Rose

7:47 First time candidates: Jan Tinetti

In the second of our series of interviews with  first time candidates in this year’s general election we speak to Jan Tinetti - Labour’s candidate in the Tauranga electorate.
Earlier interviews in the series:Tim van de Molen





8:12 Insight: Unleashing South Auckland’s potential

Three South Auckland Entrepreneurs - (From left) Stella Muller, Nora Swann and Gustavia Lui want more support for entrepreneurs with start-up ideas in south Auckland

(From left) Stella Muller, Nora Swann and Gustavia Lui want more support for entrepreneurs with start-up ideas in south Auckland Photo: Credit: Raymond Sagapolutele

There's a conundrum in Auckland, where the most deprived communities, with the highest unemployment, sit in the fastest-growing part of the region and where many of the new jobs are based. There's plenty of talk about transforming South Auckland, and there's some action, but Insight this morning asks whether enough is being done.


7:10 The future of independent radio: a panel discussion

James Meharry, Sean Norling and Suzanne McNicol

James Meharry, Sean Norling and Suzanne McNicol Photo: supplied

This week news broke that the company that runs Wellington’s pioneering independent radio station Radio Active has gone into voluntary liquidation. Active began as a student radio station nearly 40 years ago and has championed local music for all of that time. It’s one of a network of similar stations around the country - and the world for that matter – that face some real challenges as people desert their radios for streaming services and advertisers migrate to social media. James Meharry manager of Christchurch’s RDU station, Sean Norling manager of Dunedin’s Radio One, and Suzanne McNicol a board member and former manager of Auckland’s bFM join Wallace to discuss the future of independent radio.



9:06 Mediawatch

On Mediawatch: has digital TV delivered for free-to-air viewers? Also: a new prime-time TV series about money bankrolled by a big bank; bad news from out of the blue in Dunedin; the Aussie approach to knocking out illegal streamers.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.



9:40 Peter Bray - Bethlehem University

Br Peter Bray

Br Peter Bray Photo: Supplied

Brother Peter Bray is a New Zealander and Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University - the first university established in the Palestinian territories and the only Catholic University in Israel/Palestine. He is visiting Aotearoa, and this week spoke at a public meeting in Wellington on the topic of how Bethlehem University should respond to the situation in Palestine and in the Middle East.



10:06 Mohamed Hassan - Public enemy

Journalist Mohamed Hassan reports on the impact on the Islamic community following Donald Trump’s election.


10:40 Nattali Rize - Raising consciousness

Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize Photo: Supplied

Australian reggae artist Nattali Rize is best known as front woman for roots band Blue King Brown. Fresh from Jamaica, she is bringing her brand of soulful and political harmonies to  WOMAD Taranaki next month.


11:05 Stephen Sinclair - In fame’s shadows

Stephen Sinclair

Stephen Sinclair Photo: supplied

He co-wrote the hit play Ladies Night; worked on the screenplay for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers; has a critically acclaimed novel and a feature film to his name; Metro described him as “New Zealand's finest comic writer”; and, he founded a pioneering Polynesian theatre company more than 30 years ago but Stephen Sinclair is far from a household name. He joins Wallace to talk about his latest play, Remain in the Light, which open at the Pumphouse Theatre in Auckland on Saturday 25 February.


11:35 Val McDermid - A life of crime

Celebrated crime writer Val McDermid joins Wallace to talk about what it takes to be a successful crime writer and how being part of the LGBTQI community is an integral part of the process.

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