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7:08 Local Body Elections - Why So Boring?

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Photo: RNZ

Ash Holwell, a candidate in the upcoming Whangarei District Council election, Laura O'Connell Rapira, campaign director of ActionStation, and Auckland Council's elections planning manager Glyn Walters discuss the dismally low voter turnout among the under 30s and offer up some suggestions as to what can be done about it.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Sonia Sly - Front Row at Fashion Week

Models at New Zealand Fashion Week

Models at New Zealand Fashion Week Photo: New Zealand Fashion Week

Sonia Sly is a RNZ producer, runs her own fashion website and presents RNZ's fashion podcast My Heels are Killing Me. She's been attending New Zealand Fashion Week. in Auckland.

8:12 Insight: Lifting the Lid on Undercover Policing

A police car outside a cordon in South Auckland

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Fake criminal organisations, false search warrants and charges - police undercover operations have been criticised for bending the rules to get convictions but are they breaking the law in an attempt to uphold it? RNZ's Court Reporter, Edward Gay, looks at two cases recently before the courts that in some cases have generated criticism from some of the country's top judges.

8:40 Amos Chapple - Mammoth Tusks

Mammoth tusk prospector an image from Amos Chapple's photo essay

Mammoth tusk prospector an image from Amos Chapple's photo essay Photo: Amos Chapple

They call it Siberia's white gold and the men risking their lives to dig up mammoth tusks are every bit as tough as the gold miners of the 19th century. Photographer Amos Chapple has documented their lives in an extraordinary photo-essay for Radio Free Europe.

9:06 Mediawatch

Doping dogged the Olympics in the run up to Rio. But why did it all go quiet once the Games got going? And did women in Rio get fair coverage? Also: the government responds to technological change in media with a meek tweak of the law.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Richie Hardcore and Peter Adams - Partners of Addicts

We know there is help available for alcoholics and addicts - but what about their nearest and dearest? Peter Adams is a psychologist who specialises in addiction and the damage it causes families, and Richie Hardcore has first-hand experience of being the child of an alcoholic. Together they tell us about the realities of living with an addict and what help there is available.

10:06 Tom Burlinson - Becoming Sinatra

Tom Burlinson performing Frank Sinatra's songs

Tom Burlinson performing Frank Sinatra's songs Photo: Supplied

Australian Tom Burlinson says he started listening to Frank Sinatra when he was three - and these days he channels the voice of Sinatra at live performances of songs from the man known as 'Ol' Blue Eyes'. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Frank Sinatra's first live album Sinatra at the Sands and Tom Burlinson is coming to NZ to sing the hits, which include 'Come Fly with Me' and 'I've Got You Under My Skin.' He also treats Wallace to a few lines of 'New York New York'.

  • Tom Burlinson performs Sinatra at the Sands at Skycity Theatre, Auckland, on November 26.

10:30 Eowyn Ivey - Bright Lights in Alaska

Eowyn Ivey

Eowyn Ivey Photo: Supplied

Eowyn Ivey's first novel, The Snow Child, became an international best-seller. She talks to Wallace from her home in Alaska about how her life got bigger when The Snow Child became a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and about her new book, To The Bright Edge of the World.

10:49 Duncan Grieve - Reality Television

Real Housewives of Auckland

Photo: supplied

Editor and publisher of The Spinoff, Duncan Grieve tells us why we should all be watching The Real Housewives of Auckland.

11:05 Jenny Bornholdt - A Selection of Poems

Jenny Bornholdt

Jenny Bornholdt Photo: Victoria University Press

Lower Hutt poet Jenny Bornholdt's new book, Selected Poems, represents her work over nine collections and nearly 30 years of writing. She was the winner of the 2002 Katherine Mansfield Memorial Fellowship and was an Arts Foundation laureate in 2003. In 2005, she became the fifth Te Mata Estate New Zealand Poet Laureate.

11:23 A Wrinkle in Time

The final episode of Noelle McCarthy's podcast series on ageing, A Wrinkle in Time. This week's programme focuses on death.