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Soraya Lennie

Soraya Lennie Photo: supplied

7:08 Soraya Lennie in Turkey

161 people were killed and 1,440 wounded in yesterdays attempted military coup in Turkey. The Turkish PM said it was a "black stain on Turkish democracy,
with some 2,839 soldiers, including high-ranking officers, having been arrested. Istanbul based Soraya Lennie is a journalist  who was with one of the Turkish  state broadcasters that was raided yesterday, she joins Wallace to update the situation.


Robert Amsterdam

Robert Amsterdam Photo: Robert Amsterdam

7.20 Robert Amsterdam, International Lawyer

International Lawyer Robert Amsterdam is working for the Turkish government and says there are indications of direct involvement oin the coup attempt by Fethullah Gulenm, a Muslim cleric who is living in exile in Pennsylvania. Robert Amsterdam joins Wallace to talk about this cleric and how he could have organised the coup from his compound in the US.

7:35 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Fadela Novak-Irons - Refugees in the Warm Heart of Africa

New Zealander Fadela Novak-Irons is just completing a three-month emergency assignment as senior emergency coordinator for UNHCR in Malawi helping coordinate the response to the influx of Mozambican refugees into the country that calls itself “The Warm Heart of Africa”.

8:12 Insight Fighting the Pacific's Rising Seas

New Zealand's neighbours in the Pacific are bearing the brunt of a looming climate crisis that is not of their making.The United Nations warns if sea level rise continues at the current rate, the Pacific atolls of Kiribati and Tuvalu could be completely submerged within decades.Chris Bramwell visits nations in the Pacific facing an uncertain future.

Beach and traditional hut surrounded by wall of tyres

The tyre wall helps protect buildings from the tide on Tarawa in Kiribati. Photo: RNZ / Chris Bramwell

8:40 Marino Blank - Crimson Verse

Marino Blank is of mixed Maori and Swiss heritage, and has been writing poetry for a decade now - her work has been published in the Maori literary journal Ora Nui and Puna Wai Korero , an anthology of Maori  poetry in English  - and she has published her first book of poetry which is simply called Crimson.

9:06 Mediawatch

A huge international survey has confirmed most of us are now getting our news via Google and Facebook - despite neither company producing any news of their own. Journalism academics Nathan Schneider and Justin Schlosberg have radically different proposals for journalists and their audiences to take back the news. And a predictable media frenzy over a highly predictable story.
Produced and Presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones - The 5th Eye   

Spy base down

Spy base down Photo: supplied

Filmmakers Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones reveal Aotearoa’s dependency on on the US and the implications of our country’s role in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance in their new doco, The 5th Eye, screening at the NZ International Film Festival. 



10:06 The Montreal Olympic Boycott 40 Years On


Forty years ago today Major Olufemi Olutoye announced that Nigeria would be boycotting the Montreal Olympics in protest at New Zealand’s participation. Twenty seven countries followed suit.  Sitting in the audience was a young Kiwi anti-apartheid activist, Dave Wickham, who had worked studiously to bring the boycott about following the All Black tour of South Africa in 1976. Dave Wickham, Canadian historian and sports journalist Ron Palenski reflect on the boycott 40 years on with Wallace.

10:48 Gerhard Johnstone -  the return of Terry Teo 

Kahn West as Terry Teo

Kahn West as Terry Teo Photo: supplied

The original 80’s show, Terry and the Gun Runners has been given an update. Directed by Gerard Johnstone (Housebound, Jaquie Brown Diaries ) this new version screens on TVNZ from this month. He joins Wallace to talk about the updated show and what we can expect.



11:05 Jim McAloon - Labour's Turbulent Times

Labour protest

Labour protest Photo: supplied

Labour is Aotearoa’s oldest political party and this month marks its centenary. Jim McAloon is an associate professor in history at Victoria University and has been a member of the Labour party for 25 years. Along with Peter Franks, he has chronicled the party’s bumpy history in Labour: The New Zealand Labour Party 1916–2016. The book covers the party from its beginnings in the trade union movement, its rise to power in the 1930s and the reforms of Michael Joseph Savage, to the Kirk and Rowling years of the 70s, the upheaval of the Lange government in the 80s, through to long-serving leader Helen Clark in the 90s and into the present day.

11:28 Anthony LaPaglia - A Month of Sundays    

Anthony Lapaglia and John Clarke

Anthony Lapaglia and John Clarke Photo: Supplied

Award winning actor Anthony LaPaglia joins Wallace to talk about his upcoming film A Month of Sundays which also stars our own John Clarke.