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Iraqi Army soldiers march during the graduation ceremony of the Iraqi Army's Non- Commissioned Officers' Academy Junior Leaders Course at Taji Military Complex, Iraq.

Iraqi Army soldiers march during the graduation ceremony of the Iraqi Army's Non- Commissioned Officers' Academy Junior Leaders Course at Taji Military Complex, Iraq. Photo: SUPPLIED / NZDF

7:08 Emad Jabbar & Jon Stephenson - Iraq

Iraqi television journalist Emad Jabbar and investigative journalist Jon Stephenson join Wallace to discuss the Government's decision to extend New Zealand's deployment of troops in Iraq.

7:32 The Week in Parliament

The one week parliamentary adjournment sees just two select committees meeting - while another goes walk-about in Christchurch; On Monday, Associate Tourism Minister Paula appears before the Commerce Committee for its review of Vote Tourism; Social Services Committee travels to Christchurch for a handful of site visits; Transport and Industrial Relations Committee meets in Auckland for submissions on its inquiry into the future of New Zealand's mobility.

7:47 Greg Fleming - After The Brexit Vote

Economic strategist Greg Fleming looks at the repercussions following the historic 'Brexit' vote in the UK

7:55 Dave Luddy - Wimbledon 2016

Tennis correspondent Dave Luddy on this year's Wimbledon.

8:12 Insight: Karen Brown

Bright coloured posters on office wall

Encouraging messages from the "All Right?" campaign Photo: ( RNZ / Karen Brown )

Karen Brown reports from Christchurch where there seems to be no end in sight for the mental health problems caused by the earthquakes

8:40 Professor Davis Cresswell - Mindfulness

David Cresswell

David Cresswell Photo: Supplied

Earlier this year a groundbreaking academic study into mindfulness was published in Biological Psychiatry - bringing a scientific lens to mindfulness meditation. Professor Davis Creswell led the research and he joins Wallace to reveal the results.

9:06 Mediawatch

A backlash against popular but polarising presenter Mike Hosking leaves his fans, bosses and sponsors unmoved. Also: a newspaper man having trouble getting papers to print his own ad - and the media love stories about All Blacks, even when they're not news.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Andrew Rossi - The First Monday in May

Andrew Rossi

Andrew Rossi Photo: Magnolia Picutres

Andrew Rossi is probably best known for such documentaries as Page One: Inside the New York Times and The Control Room - a 2004 documentary film about Al Jazeera. His most recent work is The First Monday in May a documentary that chronicles the lead up to the extraordinary Metropolitan Museum of Art Fashion ball. 



10:06 Dr. Park Dietz - The Psychology of Murder

Dr Park Dietz

Dr Park Dietz Photo: Supplied

Dr Park Dietz has been named one of the top ten psychiatrists of all time. He's a forensic psychiatrist who has consulted in testified in some of the US's highest profile criminal cases including the Jeffery Dahmer case, The Unabomber, Andrea Yates and John Hinckley Junior who attempted to assassinate then president Ronald Reagan. Dr. Dietz talks with Wallace about his career in criminology; what makes people kill and why the media sometimes doesn't help with its reporting of mass shootings like the recent atrocity in Orlando.

10:45 Jaye Glam - Indigenous Fashion

Fashion commentator Jaye Glam joins Wallace to talk about the Miromoda showcase - featuring the work of indigenous fashion designers.

11:05 Jim Obergefell - Making History

John and Jim taking their vows.

John and Jim taking their vows. Photo: LOVE WINS: By Debbie Cenzpier and Jim Obergefell

Jim Obergefell became the face of the US Supreme Court case that legalised gay marriage in the USA - announced exactly one year ago today. It's an extraordinary story - both uplifting and deeply sad. It's a love story between Jim and his long time partner and ultimately husband, John Arthur, who died not long after they were finally married. It's now the subject of a book called - Love Wins by Pulitzer Prize winner Debbie Cenziper & Jim Obergefell





11:40 Elspeth Muir - Changing the Drinking Culture

Elspeth Muir

Elspeth Muir Photo: Supplied

Wasted: A Story of Alcohol, Grief and a Death in Brisbane was inspired by the The death of Elspeth Muir's brother. Alexander had just turned 21, when a big night out drinking saw him jump off a bridge and drown. His death wasn't a suicide, as he had a track record of doing risky things while binge drinking. It prompted Elspeth to take a closer look at the Australian drinking culture - including her own habits.

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