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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Photo: AFP

7:08 David Geary - Trudeaumania Part Deux

Trudeaumania was the phrase coined in the 1960s to capture the excitement generated during the early days of Canadian politician Pierre Trudeau premiership. Well, now it's his son, Justin, who has the world's media gushing. Kiwi playwright David Geary is based in Vancouver and he joins Wallace to talk about Trudeaumania part deux; a new ballet about truth and reconciliation, and the little talked about pass system that once confined first nation peoples to their reservations.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 James Hoban - Competitive Farming

James Hoban

James Hoban competitor in the Young Farmer Competition: 7:47am Photo: supplied

When James Hoban was growing up he put competitors in the Young Farmer of the Year awards on a pedestal alongside the All Blacks. Now, he's a finalist in the Young Farmer Contest for the second year in a row, showing off his skills in everything from hand milking a goat to hanging a gate.

8:12 Insight: The Struggle for Special Education

The education of children with disabilities is under major scrutiny. The Education Ministry is overhauling the way it helps the 80,000 children thought to have learning difficulties, a parliamentary select committee is examining how schools work with children with autism and other disorders, and the whole system is facing a human rights challenge from advocacy group IHC. RNZ education correspondent John Gerritsen investigates what's working and what's not to give struggling children a decent chance at school.
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A teacher's aide works with special needs children

A teacher's aide works with special needs children Photo: RNZ / John Gerritsen

8:40 Kathrine Clarke - Whakawhetu: Helping Our Most Vulnerable

New Zealand has a policy that all babies should have 10 free health visits in their first year of life - but worrying new statistics show that 6.7 per cent of babies have not received a single visit from either a midwife or health worker before their first birthday. Child advocacy group Whakawhetu says this could be because of unconscious bias within the health system itself. National Manager of Whakawhetu Kathrine Clarke joins Wallace to talk about how we need to ensure the most vulnerable babies are not forgotten.

9:06 Mediawatch

Big money and small change - more awkward questions aired in the wake of the Panama Papers, and a bid to ban big-city begging hits the headlines. Also: Why a sex story overseas had media here asking if they should name names, and the ethical issues at stake.
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9:40 Tamsin Hanly - Taking NZ History into Schools

Tamsin Hanly

Tamsin Hanly Photo: RNZ/Dru Faulkner

Tamsin Hanly is a former primary school teacher who is so passionate about the need to teach New Zealand history in our schools that she mortgaged her house to fund a six-volume curriculum covering more than 200 years of history from both Maori and Pakeha perspectives. You can find out more about the project at the website.



10:06 Judith Durham - Say Goodbye

Judith Durham - the golden voice of The Seekers - is on her last ever solo tour of New Zealand. She's singing all the big hits like 'Georgy Girl' and 'The Carnival is Over', plus some later songs she's added to her solo repertoire. She talks to Wallace about how a shy girl made it huge on the international stage, then decided at 24 that she really needed to quit the band and find a husband before she became an old maid.

Judith Durham

Judith Durham Photo: Dru Faulkner/RNZ

10:38 Rhys Darby - Wilderpeople, Conchords and Stand-Up

Rhys Darby

Rhys Darby Photo: Supplied

Rhys Darby is a busy man. As well as winning praise for his latest big screen role in Taika Waititi's Hunt For the Wilderpeople, he's also headlining the International Comedy Festival. He speaks to Wallace about Wilderpeople, Flight of the Conchords and the funny business of stand-up comedy.

11:05 Miya Tokumitsu - The Myth of 'Doing What You Love'

Miya Tokumitsu

Miya Tokumitsu Photo: Supplied

These days everybody seems to want to do work that they love, that they're passionate about - nice work if you can get it - but what about those of us who have to work simply to pay the bills? Dr Miya Tokumitsu has written a book that busts open the myth of 'doing what you love' and she explains to Wallace why the idea is so dangerous.

11:35 Neil Oliver - Life on the Coast

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver Photo: Supplied

Scottish archaeologist, historian and author Neil Oliver is also the presenter of several BBC documentary series such as A History of Scotland and Vikings. He is perhaps best known for the series Coast, which has been running for a decade. He discusses the factors that bind all people who live along the world's coastlines - and Wallace puts him on the spot with eight vital questions about Scotland.
Coast New Zealand premieres Tuesday 19th, 8.30pm on TV ONE.