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A house destroyed by Cyclone Winston in Fiji's remote Yasawa Islands.

A house destroyed by Cyclone Winston in Fiji's remote Yasawa Islands. Photo: RNZ / Alex Perrottet

Alex Perrottet

Alex Perrottet Photo: RNZ

7:08 Alex Perrottet - Fiji Update

Alex Perrottet from RNZ International has been in Fiji since Cyclone Winston battered the country last weekend.

7:20 Brent Budowsky - US politics

Brent Budowsky is a political columnist for The Hill and is based in Washington, DC. He is on the campaign trail in the US as candidates battle for their party's presidential nomination.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

Brian O'Connell

Brian O'Connell Photo: Supplied

7:47 Brian O'Connell - Election in Ireland

Ireland went to the polls on Friday for the general election after a campaign featuring two major gangland murders - and the Prime Minister Enda Kenny getting offside with voters in his electorate by calling them whingers. Journalist and broadcaster Brian O'Connell with the latest.

8:12 Insight: The Race for a New US President

Americans are in the grip of a dramatic and exciting contest to choose a new president, to replace Barack Obama. On the Republican side the billionaire businessman Donald Trump has made a strong start, as has the Democratic candidate, the Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. But what is driving their popularity? RNZ's political editor, Jane Patterson, reports on the widespread anger with Washington politicians and the influence of big money in American politics, as well as simmering racial tension and concerns about jobs, the cost of the living and the economy - all of which are having a major impact on the presidential primary race.
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

Ted Cruz campaign buttons

Ted Cruz campaign buttons Photo: ( RNZ / Jane Patterson )

8:40 Joanna Preston and James Norcliffe - Canterbury Poems

sirens before dawn
someone meets their neighbour
for the first time

- this Haiku by Doc Drumheller is from Leaving the Red Zone - poems from the Canterbury earthquakes - an anthology of poetry from contributors across New Zealand, edited by James Norcliffe, former poetry editor for The Press, and Joanna Preston, poetry editor for takahē magazine.

9:06 Mediawatch

How things have changed for the media in Christchurch in the five years since the deadly quake struck in 2011. Also: Strong criticism of RNZ's coverage of Maori issues, and RNZ's response; and the resignation of NZ's longest-serving news boss - and the Australian editor who will replace him.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Estelle Tang - Bibliotherapy

It goes without saying that there isn't a psychological problem or emotional dilemma that hasn't, in some way or another, been explored in the world of literature. But does reading fictional accounts of people grappling with their issues really help you resolve yours? New York-based Estelle Tang - one of just a handful of bibliotherapists around the world dishing out reading prescriptions - believes it can.

10:06 Emad Burnat - How Many More Broken Cameras?

Emad Burnat is the director of the Oscar-nominated 5 Broken Cameras, a 2011 documentary that tells the story of the efforts of the people of Bil'in - a Palestinian village in the West Bank - to resist the confiscation of more than half their agricultural lands by the Israeli military to build the so-called separation barrier. Burnat's film documents the first five years of protests that continue to this day. Emad Burnat is in New Zealand for a series of talks and screenings of 5 Broken Cameras.

Screening Times:
HAMILTON - 8pm Sunday 28 February, Lido Cinema, Level 1 Centre Place, 501 Victoria St.
PORIRUA - 4.30pm Monday 29 February, Whitireia Porirua Campus (TBC).
WELLINGTON - 6pm Tuesday 1 March, Parliament and 5.30pm Wednesday 2 March, Cotton Building LT 122, Victoria University.
DUNEDIN - 6pm Friday 4 March, Red Lecture Theatre, Scott Building on Great King St.
CHRISTCHURCH - 6pm Sunday 6 March, WEA 59 Gloucester St.

Emad Burnat

Emad Burnat Photo: Supplied

10:35 Roman Krznaric - On Empathy

Roman Krznaric

Roman Krznaric Photo: Kate Raworth

Roman Krznaric is one of Britain's leading philosophers. He is a founding member of The School of Life, along with Alain de Botton, and is also the founder of the world's first Empathy Museum. He speaks with Wallace on how we have lost the art of conversation, and with it, the art of empathy and compassion, and gives some insight on how we can all be more empathetic when it comes to our fellow human beings.




11:05 Lisa Harrow and Benjamin Henson - Pop-Up Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Photo: Supplied

Four hundred years after the death of William Shakespeare - the bard is in town. An exact replica of the famous Globe theatre has sprung up in Auckland, where a series of Shakespeare plays are being performed. British director Benjamin Henson and Kiwi actress Lisa Harrow join Wallace to talk about their interpretation of The Tempest and why it is - 400 years on - that Shakespeare remains as relevant today as he did in his own era.

11:30 Jaz Coleman - Killing Joke

Killing Joke vocalist Jaz Coleman reflects on the secret of the band's success and shares his thoughts on the state of the world.

Jaz Coleman is speaking at The Classic Comedy Club, Auckland, February 28, 7pm.

11:47 Campbell Smith - Auckland City Limits

Music promoter Campbell Smith joins Wallace to outline the upcoming music festival Auckland City Limits and speak about the resurgence in popularity of music festivals in New Zealand.

Jaz Coleman

Jaz Coleman, 11:30am Photo: Supplied