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7:08 Current affairs

Prime Minister John Key’s trip to Western Australia this weekend to mark the 100th anniversary of ANZAC troops departing for World War One; the plight of Syrian refugees on the streets of Istanbul; human rights on the agenda in Fiji; abortion rights in Brazil; and young rich-lister Jack Delosa.

8:12 Insight: Maths and Science Not Hitting the Mark

New Zealand children have been doing badly in maths and science – but is it getting worse? Their scores in international tests have been falling for the past decade and it has now reached the point where Year 5 and Year 9 students are ranked among the lowest in the developed world. Radio New Zealand education correspondent John Gerritsen investigates why our scores are on the slide and what is being done to stop it.
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Mike Murphy – Coffee Break

Mike Murphy owns Kokako Café in Auckland – one of Metro magazines ‘Top Fifty Cafes’ – he joins Wallace to talk about what makes a really good cup of coffee.

8:50 Simon Farrell Green – Café Culture

Simon Farrell Green has been checking out emerging cafe trends and coffee styles for this month’s Metro magazine ‘Best Café’ issue.

9:06 Mediawatch

Mediawatch asks why TVNZ is farming out the making of its Maori programmes after 30 years of making them itself – and what this tells us about the state of play at our state-owned TV broadcaster. Also: How yarns yanked from social media aren’t always a good news story, and when will New Zealanders have to pay for their news and music online?
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

Wayne Brittenden

Wayne Brittenden Photo: Wayne Brittenden

9:40 Wayne Brittenden’s Counterpoint

In the light of the Pope’s recent condemnation of capital punishment and life imprisonment, Wayne questions whether the West can claim any moral high ground on these issues. Wallace follows up with London-based ethicist, Dr James Welsh and American human rights Professor Rick Halperin.

10:06 NZ 2030 – A Panel Discussion

What are the challenges, opportunities and threats facing young New Zealanders as they navigate their way towards 2030 – the year when the last of the baby boomers reach retirement age? The Wireless – Radio New Zealand’s online youth platform – is kicking off a project looking at just that on Monday 3 November. And we’ll be exploring those and other questions with: Carlos Chambers – a member of Generation Zero and the founder of start-up company Common Ledger; Laura O’Connell-Rapira – a West Auckland social entrepreneur and founder of RockEnrol; and Nick Cross – The Young National’s policy chair. We’ll hear about political movements around the world making use of new technology to encourage mass participation from Ben Knight of Loomio; and business commentator Bernard Hickey and UNITEC economics lecturer Keith Rankin talk us through the pros and cons of raising the age of entitlement to superannuation.

11:05 Alexander Bisley – All Blacks in Chicago

Alexander Bisley is a rugby and cultural writer for publications such as The Guardian, North and South, and The Lumiere Reader. He's been in Chicago for the Captain's Run, and the All Blacks historic test against the Eagles.  He joins us after Sunday’s game.

11:15 Peter Gilmore – Cooking on the Quay

One of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, Peter Gilmore is the executive chef of Quay, in Sydney. He joins Wallace to talk about his new book Organum – a book that is not just about recipes, but about the unique relationships between suppliers and restaurants.

11:35 Ian Kelly – Vivienne Westwood

Biographer Ian Kelly tells the life story of Dame Vivienne Westwood – one of the icons of our age.  His book is a collaboration with Westwood herself, and it covers all aspects of her life including her fashion design, activism, and her punk rock roots. Award winning biographer Ian Kelly is with Wallace on Sunday Morning.

11:50 Rob Garrett – Sculpture on Shore

The 10th biennial NZ Sculpture on Shore is one of New Zealand’s largest sculpture exhibitions. Curator Rob Garrett joins Wallace to talk about what the public can expect to see.

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