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Sunday for 28 September 2008

8:12 Insight: A New Era for the Science of the Stars

Insight looks at New Zealand's first radio astronomy dish ahead of its opening, and at the state of the science of the stars.
Produced by Kim Griggs

8:40 Feature interview: Seeking Asylum in Australia

Susie Latham talks to Chris Laidlaw about Australia's track record on its treatment of asylum seekers - not much to be proud of, according to a group of citizens who conducted the People's Inquiry into Detention.
Produced by Christine Cessford

9:05 Mediawatch

In Mediawatch this week we look at coverage of the baby milk crisis in China. Many in the media have said the response from those in the know was 'too little, too late' - but could the same also be said of the media? We also hear a parting shot at the press from a departing MP who's suffered at the hands of the media - and some examples of why you shouldn't always take political reporting too literally.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:30 Feature interview: What would Jesus do?

Author AJ Jacobs says his book 'The Year of Living Biblically' is about his quest to live the ultimate biblical life, and to follow every single rule in the Bible - as literally as possible. To this end, he tells Chris Laidlaw, he obeyed the famous ones: The Ten Commandments; love thy neighbor; be fruitful and multiply. But he also had a stab at some of those that are mostly ignored - not wearing clothes of mixed fibres, not shaving his head and, on one memorable occasion, stoning an adulterer.
Produced by Christine Cessford

10:06 The Sunday Group: Over the Horizon and Under the Sea - Managing Fisheries

As the old saying goes - there's plenty more fish in the sea. And that might have been true a few years ago, but nowadays there's concern that many fish populations are not at all plentiful and that over-fishing is putting pressure on fragile populations. New Zealand is said to have one of the most sustainable fish management systems in the world, but it's still not without its problems and there are fears that many of our species are under threat as a result.
Chris Laidlaw chairs a panel that includes: Kevin Hackwell, advocacy manager for Forest and Bird; Dr Kevin Stokes, chief scientist for the Seafood Industry Council; Geoff Rowling, president of the Recreational Fishing Council; and Dr Pamela Mace, chief scientist for the Ministry of Fisheries.
Produced by Christine Cessford

10:30 Hidden Treasures

Each week Trevor Reekie takes you on a trip that seeks out musical gems from niche markets around the globe, the latest re-releases and interesting sounds from the shallow end of the bit stream. This week Trevor features a track from an album that sank without trace in America 38 years ago. It's by Detroit-born Rodriguez, and it's been a highly sought-after collectors' item despite being a platinum seller in South Africa and Australia.
Produced by Trevor Reekie

10:45 Feedback.

What the listeners have to say.

11:05 Ideas: Samoa - Ensuring the Future, Securing the Past (Part 1)

As the world changes around it, how can Samoa adapt, thrive, and yet still remain Samoan? Chris Laidlaw and Justin Gregory went to find out.
Presented by Chris Laidlaw
Produced by Justin Gregory