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Sunday for 21 September 2008

8:12 Insight: Myanmar Refugees

Insight goes to the border between Myanmar and Thailand to find out more about the realities facing the local people following Cyclone Nargis.
Produced by Joy Reid.

8:40 Feature interview: Globality - a new world order

Globality is defined as a new world order in which companies from India, China, Eastern Europe, Brazil and Mexico take on the old guard and compete for resources, markets and attention. Harold Sirkin, senior vice-president of the Boston Consulting Group, talks to Chris Laidlaw about a new book, 'Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything.'
Produced by Christine Cessford

9:05 Mediawatch

Over the years, all sorts of topics once deemed not fit to print - or to broadcast - have became pretty standard subjects for the media. But Mediawatch this week looks at one where the media are still obliged to hold back some of the facts. Also on the programme: A new TV channel for rural people which promises to be a 'banjo free zone'; some half-baked headlines which only hint at the story that lies beneath; and - do media awards really reward excellence - or are they given out for PR purposes?
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:30 Feature interview: Every Poll Tells a Story

After extensive and detailed coverage of nearly 40 Australian territory, state and federal elections, Antony Green has become the face of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's election coverage. He's in New Zealand to deliver the University of Auckland's annual Chapman lecture, entitled "Polls versus Expectations - An Australian Perspective on the New Zealand election." He talks to Chris Laidlaw.
Produced by Christine Cessford

(The Chapman Lecture will take place at Auckland's Maidment Theatre, Monday, 22 September, at 6.30pm. It is open to the public and admission is free.)

10:06 The Sunday Group: The Dunedin Stadium Debate

It's planned to be the biggest indoor venue in the country, a bright star in Dunedin's otherwise (some say) flagging fortunes. But the proposed stadium, with its price tag of almost $200 million, has its detractors - concerned citizens who say it will cost a lot of public money, for little public good.
Chris Laidlaw chairs a panel that includes: Malcolm Farry, Chairman of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust; Bev Butler, President of Stop the Stadium; Tim Calder, a founder of the Our Stadium support group; and Otago Regional Councillor Michael Deaker.
Produced by Christine Cessford

10:45 Hidden Treasures

Each week Trevor Reekie takes you on a trip that seeks out musical gems from niche markets around the globe, the latest re-releases and interesting sounds from the shallow end of the bit stream. This week Trevor delves back to the sound of post-war Chicano LA through to the sounds of New Mediterranean Balkan Beat Box remixes with a couple of curiosities in between.
Produced by Trevor Reekie

10:55 Feedback.

What the listeners have to say.

11:05 Ideas: The Wendy Workers and the Chicken Catchers

A documentary from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on that country's "guest worker" scheme - where foreign workers are allowed in to do sweat work - then shipped back home after a couple of years. This item will be followed by a look at temporary worker schemes in Australia and New Zealand.
Presented by Chris Laidlaw
Produced by Justin Gregory