9:07 AE Hotchner.

Ernest Hemingway lived big and loved big.

And for 14 years, AE Hotchner had a front row seat to that life lived large.

As a friend and confidant, Hotchner shared adventures  in France, Italy, Cuba and Spain, where, Hemingway, considered one of the most important writers of his generation, had his friend pretend to be a  matador while he played manager.  Hemingway married 4 times and took his own life in 1961.

Before his death, he entrusted another story to his friend in taped conversations in the last years of his life.

It's the story of his greatest love and greatest loss. AE Hotchner has written before about Papa Hemingway, but did not feel like he could tell the full story until now. 

His new book is called Hemingway in Love: His Own Story. It begins with the story of how Hotchner and Ernest Hemingway first met..  .. when he was sent to Cuba to ask Hemingway, legend as he was  to write an article for Cosmopolitan magazine... in the spring of 1948, a fateful undertaking that nearly 70 years later, Hotchner still remembers well and shares his memories with Noelle.

9:37 UK Correspondent: Andrew Potter

Andrew has the latest on the flooding in the UK as well as the heightened terror alert for the upcoming New Year’s celebrations.

He’s also got some interesting numbers on how the “Christmas jumper” season has peaked in Britain already.

10:06 Dr Helen Pankhurst

19 years after women in New Zealand won the right to vote, British women would need deeds, not words to get this  fundamental right in the early part of the 20th century. 

Suffragette leader  Emmeline Pankhurst encouraged dramatic deeds like Arson, smashing windows, burning postboxes.

The story of their struggle is now told in a movie released this week called Suffragette, staring Carry Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl  Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst.

In the recreated offices of the  Women's and Social and Political Union in London, there is 4 second shot in the film of a woman  planning demonstrations.

She is Dr Helen Pankhurst, the granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst and Great Grand Daughter of Emmeline and she joins Noelle to discuss the legacy of her famous relatives.

10:30 Roads: Kevin Milne

Each day on Summer Noelle a well-known New Zealander shares their favourite road and talks about what it means to them. Today broadcaster and journalist Kevin Milne tells us about his pick.

10:41 Poems: Ashleigh Young

This year we have a poet a day on the show telling us about the poem they like the most and why. Today Ashleigh Young  is the poet and she’s chosen Lines for the Fortune Cookies, by Frank O’Hara.

As well as talking about the poem Ashleigh will do a reading.

10:45 Movie Critic: Dom Corry

We head to the cinema with Dom Corry in LA who’s seen the latest releases on offer this holiday season. Today he’s talking to Noelle about, French dramedy The Bélier Family, Jennifer Lawrence Oscar bait , Joy and Point Break remake.

11:05 Weekly science: Professor Vic Arcus

Vic Arcus, is a professor of biological sciences at Waikato University, and for the next 3 weeks on Summer Noelle, we'll be discussing  Life Matters, or the Matter of Life, if you'd rather, in a regular slot.

Today he’s kicking off the series with the Time Machine Experiment that's happening in the lab at the University of Waikato.

11:24 Songs of My Life: Renee and Demaris Coulter

Today’s Songs of a life are with  sisters Renee and Demaris Coulter from Auckland Restaurant Coco's Cantina.

The pair chose their songs together and they tell Noelle why the first track, by De La Soul is what they think of as a holiday song.

11:50 Classic Film Club: Kate Rodger

Each day a well-known person joins us for the classic film club.

Today TV3’s movie reviewer and entertainment correspondent extraordinaire Kate Rodger is with Noelle  to talk about her all –time favourite flick.



ARTIST: Bob Dylan
TITLE: If you see her, say hello
COMP: Dylan
ALBUM: Blood On The Tracks
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: David Bowie
TITLE: Ashes to Ashes
COMP: Bowie
ALBUM: Ashes To Ashes: Series 1

ARTIST: Leon Bridges
TITLE: Comin' Home
COMP: Block, Bridges, Jenkins, Vivion
ALBUM: Coming Home
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Natalie Prass
TITLE: Your Fool
COMP: Prass, Ryan
ALBUM: Natalie Prass
LABEL: Caroline

ARTIST: Morrissey
TITLE: Dagenham Dave
COMP: Morrissey, Whyte
ALBUM: Southpaw Grammar [Legacy Edition, Bonus Tracks]

ARTIST: Calexico
TITLE: Cayoacan
COMP: Burns, Convertino, Mendoza
ALBUM: Edge of the Sun
LABEL: Highnote

ARTIST: De La Soul
TITLE: Say No Go
COMP: Trugoy the Dove, Paul Huston, V. Keith Mason
ALBUM: 3 Feet High And Rising
LABEL: Tommy Boy

ARTIST: Souls of Mischief
TITLE: 93 Till Infinity
COMP: Souls of Mischief
ALBUM: 93 Till Infinity

ARTIST: Marvin Gaye
TITLE: Got to give it up
COMP: Gaye
ALBUM: Marvin Gaye: 15 Greatest Hits (Compilation)
LABEL: Motown