9:05 Feature interview

Jake Simkin on being a photojournalist in Syria.

9:30 Gallery visit

The Dowse Art Museum with Courtney Johnson.

Jewelery by Moniek Schrijer at the Dowse
Jewelery by Moniek Schrijer at the Dowse

9:45 Asia correspondent - Rachel Mealey

10:05 Feature interview

Teresa Gattung on her New Year Honour.

10:35 Summer jobs

Bob Kerridge from the SPCA.

10:40 Regular experts

Our regular experts are here to advise on the following subjects: home trends; food culture; cooking; television; movies.

11:10 Songs of our lives

Play it Strange's Mike Chunn.

11:30 Student voices - AUT Student Missy Dare on Waka ama

AUT third year journalism students present personal short documentaries on the subjects that matter to them.

11:45 Book Club

David Slack reviews Evelyn Waugh's Decline and Fall.