9:07 Tom Hooper

Director of Les Miserables.

9:27 Place In The Sun - The Chathams with Lois Croon

The best places to spend the summer in New Zealand.

9:41 Australian correspondent Donna Field

10:07 Robin Judkins

Coast To Coast creator.

10:26 On Song with Simon Sweetman - Glad I'm Not A Kennedy

Simon Sweetman tells the story behind 'Glad I'm Not A Kennedy' by Shona Laing.

10:36 True Stories Told Live - playwright Louise Tu'u

Real New Zealanders telling real stories.

10:48 Vietnam War photographer Noel Bell

11:10 Tales From The Back Country - Just The Usual Farm Day

A daily serial featuring colourful characters from our rural past.

11:19 Stephen King Bookclub - Cujo

Cujo reviewed by Phil Vine

11:32 Food Trends with Simon Farrell Green

11:42 Song I Could Listen to Again and Again - Andy Peterson